For many bloggers, YouTubers and web entrepreneurs, defining a content strategy is limited to finding ideas for topics to be covered . But very often, the Chile WhatsApp Number List is already complicated … Maybe this is your case too? Trainer training Maybe you are looking at what the competition is posting or what is current content that is performing well. And you tell yourself that if you also publish this kind of content, you will finally succeed in achieving your goals.

Obviously you don’t copy. You just inspire yourself. But often, the results do not live up to your expectations. Why ? Quite simply, because you end up posting content that has nothing to do with your goals, your products, or the needs of your audience. The problem is, the more you post this kind of content, the more your motivation and hopes for online success get drowned in an ocean of confusion.


Start By Defining Your Content Topics

If today you are struggling to find topics for publication, whether you post at random or what you discover on the internet, surely you are not getting the results you want. That’s okay, you need to define an effective content strategy. This is what I suggest you do through this article, by following 5 simple steps. Let’s go ! 1 / START BY DEFINING YOUR CONTENT TOPICS Reading this headline, you are surely saying to yourself: “It’s the snake biting its tail”. But you will quickly understand. The idea here isn’t to define specific topics for your next blog post or your next YouTube video. This step will, of course, be the last.

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Here you should instead find the general theme (s) of your content and who it is for. Knowing precisely who your content is aimed at is the first essential step to explode your results. It is therefore a question of being as precise as possible. Who do you want to help with your publications? In which theme? Then, to be able to communicate effectively and create a link with your typical audience, you will have to show empathy. How does your audience feel? What difficulties does she encounter? What is she thinking about? What is she already doing?


Become Aware Of The Steps Followed By Your Potential Customers

Ask yourself these questions and try to answer them as precisely as possible. You are building the foundation for an effective content strategy. So don’t take this lightly and be as specific as possible. 2 / BECOME AWARE OF THE STEPS FOLLOWED BY YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS Defining a marketing persona is a piece of advice that is shared en masse on web marketing sites. And so much the better, because it is an essential basis for effective communication. Unfortunately, most web marketing advice ends there. Yet your ideal customer will evolve as they consume your content . It will take stages, which you will need to adapt your content to to communicate effectively.

I’ve identified 5 different stages for the typical person consuming your content: She doesn’t know you yet; It consumes your content occasionally; She is subscribed to receive your content; It is subscribed and committed; She is a client. Each of these steps corresponds to a specific type of content to best meet the needs of your audience . 3 / FIND YOUR TRADEMARK TO STAND OUT Standing out and creating original content is essential for success online .

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