Keywords are the cornerstone of all of your Digital Marketing actions. This statement is confirmed by Laurent: Without relevant keywords, all your Digital Marketing efforts are in vain. Your main keywords are like the foundations on which all Nigerian Email Database  Marketing actions rest. Relying on a proven method to identify your keywords (or keywords in English) is therefore crucial for any entrepreneur. As a reminder according to Wikipedia , a keyword or keyword, keyword, keyword is a word or a group of words which has a particular importance allowing to characterize the content of a document and allowing a search for information.

And the main (or primary) keywords are the keywords that will be found in virtually all of your content, regardless of the format. In short, these are the keywords that fully describe your business in all its dimensions. This is why, today, I suggest you discover 6 different dimensions to methodically find all your main keywords: Your mark, Your sector of activity, Your customers’ expectations, Your products and / or service, Geographic targeting, Your ecosystem. Follow this step-by-step guide and you’ll have your top keywords list in a matter of hours. Throughout this article, to illustrate my point, I will take as an example the main keywords that I use on #audreytips. Let’s start with your brand.


List The Keywords Around Your Brand


Contents [ display ] List the keywords around your brand List the keywords related to your brand Keywords relating to your brand are words or search phrases that include your brand name or a variation. Obviously list the name of your business. But also all the words or sentences considered as a mark like your slogan, the name of the leaders. These keywords are predominant in the pages that can be found in any website such as: In regards to, Jobs, Contact us…. But also use these keywords in your other content. Obviously, people searching for your brand must have heard of your business. The traffic generated by these keywords is given by Google Analytics under the heading “Direct traffic”, with a few nuances .


Note: it is surprising to note that some large groups (even the CAC 40) do not sufficiently work on their own brand name. As a result, they are “robbed” of places in the search engines, outclassed by much smaller competitors. An example with Dior: it is surprising to note that certain large groups (even of the CAC 40) do not sufficiently work on their own brand name Keywords relating to the #audreytips brand Here are the main keywords describing our brand: #audreytips, Laurent Vermot-Gauchy … Obviously, the main goal of primary keywords is to drive traffic from people who haven’t heard of your brand or business yet.


Find The Keywords For Your Industry

But it’s important to include keywords that relate to your brand, whether it’s known today or someday. Let’s continue with the keywords relating to your industry. Find the keywords for your industry Find the keywords related to your industry These keywords are all the words that come to mind when you think about your business, your positioning, etc. These keywords are quite easy to identify. To establish this list, ask yourself the following questions: What words do my competitors use to describe themselves? What words does my target audience use to describe my business? Always put yourself in the place of your target customer, of your persona as you have defined it with your team .

Think of what they are going to type in as a search query. Then, pull the thread of the ball by identifying the same words as your prospects. Keywords relating to the activity of #audreytips When we defined the keywords describing our industry, we first established this list: Digital Marketing, Web marketing, Electronic Marketing, E-Marketing, Digital Marketing, Internet Marketing … Then, we asked the following questions: Do my competitors talk about “Digital Marketing”? of “Web marketing”? Are entrepreneurs aware of “Web marketing”? Or are they more familiar with the term “e-marketing”? Internet users looking for information about our activity go to Google to search: Digital Marketing Blog, Digital Marketing Services, What is Digital Marketing … In this way, you methodically identify the keywords relating to your industry.

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