QUALITATIVE CONTENT FOR YOUR BRAND Influencers are true professionals in content production. Photos, videos or even articles, they are on the lookout for the latest trends and produce qualitative content that will resonate with their Saudi Arabia Phone Number List . Influencer marketing is all the more interesting, since from a technical point of view this content improves the referencing on the web of brands with the mentions and links that point to the brand’s website.

BETTER RETURN ON INVESTMENT THAN WITH TRADITIONAL MEDIA Influencer marketing requires less investment compared to advertising campaigns carried out on traditional media. Brands can indeed offer unpaid (financially) partnerships with the sending of free products for the influencer. According to a study by Tapinfluence and Nielsen, the return on investment is 11 times higher for influencer marketing than with more classic and traditional forms of marketing.


Why Is It Interesting To Internalize Influencer Marketing?

How about going through an agency for your influencer marketing? Whatever your activity, your strategy or your objectives, influencer marketing allows you to send a more authentic message to your targets and to obtain visible content over the long term. However, this work can require many internal resources: identifying influencers, making contact and presenting the campaign, monitoring results, etc. This is why going through an agency for your influencer marketing is the ideal solution if you do not know not where to start or if you want to focus on your business.


An agency specializing in influencer digital marketing with in-depth knowledge of the web and social networks. She knows how influencers work and collaborates effectively with them. Going through an agency, ensures you to be supported in the implementation of this marketing lever while making profitable your actions and your return on investment. A GOOD REPUTATION AND VISIBILITY A successful buzz marketing campaign is often accompanied by a positive image for the brand, company or public person behind it. It can also correct or readjust it.


 Refine Your Needs And Goals

TO LAUNCH A NEW PRODUCT OR SERVICE AND BOOST SALES Some companies take advantage of the marketing buzz to launch a product or service. An effective solution to boost sales. What strategy to adopt to generate buzz marketing? THE SECRET One of the best ways to attract and make people want to talk about a brand is to reveal a secret. Most of the time, anything that tends to be hidden is at the heart of the discussions.

The more Internet users believe in discovering your revelations, the more they will talk about it. THE RUMOR This strategy is best suited for experienced companies, as it can put you in the spotlight or put you in the crosshairs of criticism. Thus, it will be necessary to lie, to let swell and deny at the right time. In short, use rumor wisely. CONTROVERSY On the Internet, controversial or taboo subjects make Internet users talk a lot. However, a controversial marketing buzz needs to be put together with a lot of attention to the way the topic is approached.

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