Orange The color orange is linked to joy, success, creativity and determination. This color, located between red and yellow on the chromatic circle, is a mixture of strength and happiness. You will often see the logos of brands in the travel, fitness and tech Georgia Phone Number List come in this color. HubSpot, Firefox, Orange, and JBL all have iconic and easily recognizable orange logos. Yellow Optimism, joy, clarity and freshness… The color yellow is perfect for brands looking to instill happiness in their customers. Restaurants, retail stores, and tech companies often have yellow in their logos.

Kodak, Ikea, Bic, DHL and even Snapchat all have a yellow logo. The aim is to draw consumers’ attention to their brand rather than their competitors. Yellow being a very bright color, it is often this mark that will be remembered first. Green Renewal, nature, growth, freshness and harmony are all ideas evoked by the color green. Green logos are ideal for all businesses in the financial industry. Green is also found in the logo of outdoor stores, the logo of travel and hospitality companies, the logo of spas or cleaning companies, and in the healthcare industry.


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Highly versatile, green is one of the most popular colors for creating logos. This explains why we see companies as diverse as Starbucks, Heineken, Spotify or Crédit Agricole sport a green brand image. Blue Blue is often associated with confidence, cleanliness, freedom, intelligence and wisdom. Blue often has a calming effect. This is why spas often display a blue logo. Banks, restaurants, tech companies, and retail stores usually have a blue logo. General Electric, Intel, Samsung, HP, Facebook, IBM, and Skype all have a blue logo.

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The color blue is still in vogue; your blue logo will therefore rarely need a refresh. Purple Less popular color for creating logos than red, blue or green, purple is associated with royalty, peace, luxury and ambition. Located between red and blue on the chromatic circle, this color can be associated with pride as well as wisdom. Syfy, Yahoo, Milka, and Cadbury all have purple logos. Companies that sport a purple logo are long-standing brands with loyal customers.


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Pink Associated with friendship, peace, affection and youth, pink is generally used sparingly in the world of branding. It does make a perfect accent color, however. We sometimes meet pink logos in the retail industry, in the beauty sector, or in the spa industry and the health sector because pink evokes relaxation and luxury. The Victoria’s Secret, T-Mobile, Lyft, and Barbie brands all have a pink logo. If you want to include the color pink in your branding, be sure to pair it with a darker, more subdued color, like blue, gray, or black. Ready to start building your brand? Create a logo with FreeLogoServices today!

Try out different contrasts, colors and shades. The more new ideas you have to try out here, the easier it will be to switch to the computer. In particular, if you are unfamiliar with the field of computer design, you will save a lot of time and problems with tools you are familiar with before you start groping menus, keystrokes, and clicks. A pen and lined sheet are even great for quickly jotting down ideas that will take a lot longer to complete on the computer, and might not even work anyway.

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