Keeping your business healthy is important to most entrepreneurs. But just as important is ensuring the good health of your website. And on the Internet, your website’s “ Health Center ” is the Google Search Console tool. I was talking about it yesterday morning with Enrick , our Audrey’s angel, Data and Analytics expert, and here is his Indian Email List opinion: I consult the Search Console #audreytips on a daily basis as well as those of our clients. This is very important to check that everything is in order and that there are no major bugs. The GSC gives the important points to watch to save time on these somewhat technical aspects of natural referencing. Well said Enrick, using Google Search Console helps to secure your professional activity.

Today, I give you 11 key points to check on a regular basis. This is the Google Search Console Checklist that I use regularly. Contents [ display ] Quick reminder on the interest of Google Search Console Quick reminder on the interest of Google Search Console What is the Google Search Console for? Originally, this tool, offered free of charge by Google, was intended for webmasters. Hence its old name “Google Webmaster Tools”. But today, every entrepreneur is also a webmaster. Indeed, a business without a website is no longer really a business these days.


View And Resolve Your Index Errors

You must manage your visibility on the web rigorously and diligently. In addition, collecting a significant flow of traffic to your site is fundamental to growing your business. Through Search Console, Google gives you a wealth of information about your website and how it “sees” and “understands” it. I remind you that Google indexes Internet sites , and in particular the pages of Internet sites, thanks to robots. Its main robot is called the “Googlebot”. It is no more and no less than a little piece of software that visits your website regularly. Thanks to all the data collected by this robot, Google knows many aspects of your site and shares them with you. To go further, here is an article that explains exactly what the Google Search Console is for .


Why consult it regularly? The data collected by the GSC is therefore the health check of your website issued by the Google doctor. This is why it is important to make your Google friendly site. Thus, Google will have a precise vision of your themes and your core business. He can then offer your business to Internet users who could become your future customers! No need to invest significant efforts to build your brand, produce quality content, distribute it on social networks … to generate quality traffic on your website if it is not “OK” from a point of view from Google. All these efforts are in vain. So, just as you do your own regular check-up with your doctor … and keep in shape, consider doing the same for your website!


Manage Your Url Deletions

How often to visit the Google Search Console? Once the (good) decision to consult the tool on a regular basis is taken, the question of the frequency of consultation arises. My answer : it all depends on how important your business website is to you. Regardless of the size of your company, your level of turnover or your number of employees, if visibility and the development of your brand image are a priority, you must devote time regularly to consult your Search Console. That being said, I advise you to check your Search Console: At least once a month , for a full consultation, If possible once a week , to resolve any problems (15-30 minutes), And if your website is critical to your business, check it out for at least 5 minutes, every day .

To make sure that your SEO strategy is on the right track and that there are no indexing issues. A good way to proceed is to plan a “full check-up” (1 hour of work) once a month, and a quick check (a few minutes) on a very regular basis. To do this, follow my own Google Search Console checklist. My 11 checkpoints on Search Console [Checklist] My goal in this part is to give you the main information to check on your website on a regular basis. So let’s go over each important section to consult, one after the other! 1. A quick glance at the big picture Google Search Console Checklist – A quick glance at the big picture Once signed in to your Search Console account , click on the property (site) that interests you.

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