To track the positions of my content, my favorite tool is SEMrush. SEMrush gives the ranking of your pages for a given keyword. In addition, it is possible to refine the search for one of your keywords by specifying: The location (a city for example), Search engine and country (Google or Yahoo), And the type of device (PC or Mobile). With SEMrush, you Guyana Email List have the history of your positions over time without having to launch a search. SEMrush also allows you to download your rankings. You only have to report them in a spreadsheet to be able to follow them over time Another advantage of these tools is to centralize all your useful data to optimize your SEO.

This makes it easier to measure the success of your SEO efforts against visibility. My advice : don’t obsess over the top position . On the same subject : SMART objectives and Natural Referencing (SEO) 2. Increase your business website traffic Traffic: one of the 3 main objectives of SEO “Put your site online and people will come” is a totally bogus slogan. Putting a website online is necessary, but it is not at all sufficient. It’s a bit like opening a gas station on a road with little or no traffic and expecting people to come and fill up your house. This is why the second goal of SEO is to generate qualified web traffic for your business.


Configure The Structure Of Your Permalinks

The objective of your actions in SEO is to generate new growth opportunities for your business. In other words, bring in Internet users who would not have found you otherwise via a source of traffic from search engine results. The first step is to: Understand your products, services and business goals, Then also identify the needs of the customers you are targeting . Then, by properly aligning SEO activities with your offer and the expectations of your personas, you will attract prospects who do not know you. Also remember to write articles according to the search intent behind each of your keywords.


To do this, type one of your keywords or key phrase into Google and analyze the results it highlights. Are they documents giving information or encouraging a purchase? Answer this question. Then, write the corresponding quality content, without forgetting to work on On-site SEO. How to monitor your volume of traffic generated by SEO? Traffic volume plays an important role, even if it is only one factor among many to play in the turnover and the growth of your business. Many entrepreneurs need to understand the power of traffic as well. Analyzing a website’s traffic and properly gauging its quality is not easy, but it is not an impossible task. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for measuring the impacts of an SEO campaign.


Declare Your Site To Google Search Console

Never follow more than 7 indicators at the risk of not seeing the essential. Here are some indicators that Laurent always follows carefully: The number of sessions, The number of unique users, The pages viewed, Pages per session, The average duration of the sessions, And the bounce rate. All these indicators are present on the Google Analytics dashboard: Audience> Overview Now, to measure more finely, my favorite dashboard is: Behavior> Site content> Landing page To keep only the volume generated by search engines, I visualize only the segment “Traffic generated by natural results”.

Google Analytics – How to monitor your volume of traffic generated by SEO? This way, you are sure that you only have the list of your pages that have generated traffic thanks to your SEO efforts. My advice : share your Google Analytics account with your team or build your own dashboard with Google Data Studio . However, as always, when creating a traffic report, keep it as simple as possible. Too much data can make it complex. 3. Appreciate the return on investment Return on investment: one of the 3 main objectives of SEO Any business that invests in Digital Marketing demands a return on investment. And it’s healthy! Indeed, without return on investment, you will stop investing.

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