Correct the errors reported by the SEMrush tool, Conduct a Local SEO campaign, Implement a tactic to get backlinks to improve authority , Set up structured data and review the content to try to obtain “zero positions”, Continue to invest in Seychelles Email List Marketing. Obviously, some of the above actions are not going to have an immediate effect, but form a solid foundation. It makes sense then: To start with the easy actions and with a quick feedback, Then to focus on longer term actions. Note : When we look at our clients’ SEO action plans at #audreytips, we put together a spreadsheet with a few numbers to prioritize the work.

Concretely, we take into consideration the difficulty, the time required and the impact to carry out these tasks. What are the right questions to ask yourself? Ask yourself the right questions? The following questions help put all of this into practice for your business. Note : If you cannot answer some of these questions, classify them as additional weaknesses. Know your strengths in SEO Your strengths are an internal factor. They are generally quite easily identifiable: What are the keywords for which your pages rank well? What are the top ranked content?


Look For Keyword Combinations

What brings you the most organic traffic? What are your strengths in Digital Marketing? And what is your best asset? What makes you better than your competition? What are your best links? What are your previous SEO actions that have been most successful? Your strengths are therefore your competitive advantages. List your SEO weaknesses The weaknesses are still internal. On the other hand, determining them is not easy. The most cunning competitors target your weaknesses. They are your opportunities to improve your SEO. So be honest with yourselves!


What aspects of SEO do you need to improve? What are your competitors doing better than you on the Internet? In which areas of SEO are your competitors stronger than you? What is the distance between you and your competition? In what aspects? What content brings little or no traffic? What are the SEO tactics that have not brought the expected results? Do you have the skills in SEO in-house? Do you have the budget to achieve your SEO goals?


 Google’s Keyword Planne

8. Share on social networks Share on social networks to improve your SEO with a blog Sharing your articles on social networks has many advantages: Your profiles on social networks are fed, Your fans are engaged, Social signals are taken into account in Google’s ranking algorithm, Links on social networks point to your site and therefore increase your traffic. I recommend that you always promote your articles on social media. Try to share a few sentences describing a brief summary of the post or an excerpt from the post. Remember to include the keywords you are targeting in your posts in case this is a signal analyzed by Google. To share your content, nothing could be simpler: use the sharing buttons on your site.

And if you want to take the next step, like me, use MeetEdgar to regularly and automatically share your content on all your major social networks. Conclusion on how to improve your SEO with a blog Make sure that you fully realize the potential benefits of SEO for your blog. For it : Choose a compelling name for your blog, Create content optimized for a specific audience, Optimize the URLs of your articles, Add images and videos, Implement the structured data schema, Share your articles on social networks. And never forget : blogging is surely the fastest and easiest way to post and / or improve web content. This in order to boost the SEO on the Internet of your company’s website.

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