Domain name comparison This feature of the SEMrush offer is used to compare the performance of 2 domain names: That of your company, And that of your main competitor, for example. So, with domain analysis, it is easy to: Check the pluses and minuses that you have compared to Denmark Email List competitor, See on which keywords you are performing better or not, And take the optimization measures that are going well! 7. Website audit Finally, there is a way to conduct an audit of your company’s website, to check its SEO health. Once analyzed, SEMrush lists the points to be corrected in 3 priority levels (errors, warnings, notices).

You can easily deduce the priorities to be worked on. 8. Content Marketing SEMrush is a very powerful platform for Content Marketing. By linking together all the available tools, you find your article topics, you create the plan, you optimize the content. Once published, you analyze the results and then SEMrush even offers you ideas for improvements. Why is it paying? Why is it paying? SEMrush is not cheap, let’s be clear. The subscription costs 99.95 USD per month , and still in its cheapest version ! First, why is it paying? Well, because maintaining such an offer is very expensive.


Text Is Not Enough, Also Think Seo

I guess it’s not enough to just develop software once and for all. These tools, which make the service run, must be constantly adapted “to the rest of the world”. Particularly to Google and its results ranking algorithm, which is also constantly evolving. Indeed, if their tools do not evolve with updates to Google’s algorithms , they would quickly become obsolete and SEMrush would go out of business. In addition, it scans the results of Google permanently to maintain the databases that allow you to do your analyzes. To summarize : the price is therefore justified, because SEMrush is very qualitative. In addition, it requires a whole team of IT specialists and experts to constantly update it.


Is SEMrush Right For You? The budget of $ 100 per month already partially answers your question. If this budget is not accessible to you, the free version of SEMrush is full of very powerful features. On the other hand, for a company, around 90 Euros per month corresponds to the cost of 2 or 3 mobile plans. Seen like that, it is far from being the sea to drink. But as always, when evaluating a purchase or investment, start by determining your Return on Investment (ROI). By paying an annuity at once, the subscription costs 999 USD or 900 Euros approximately.


What To Do With The Pages On Out-of-stock Products?

So the only good question is: With SEMrush, will you generate at least 900 Euros in extra margin? And yes, you must reason in the margin and not in additional turnover. However, if I had to give an amount of revenue above which a SEMrush subscription might pay off, I would say at least 100,000 Euros per year. If your annual turnover is higher, go for it. The strengths of the tool will greatly profit from your investment. Of course, if you are in the Digital Marketing business yourself, and you offer this type of service to your customers, take a SEMrush subscription from the start of your activity! Are there competing, cheaper solutions? SEMRush – Are there competing, cheaper solutions?

There are hundreds of SEMrush competitors. For a little over 15 years that SEO has existed, it has become a real profession. Many companies have positioned themselves in the niche of computerized SEO assistance tools. I had read one day in an article, that there are about 1500 companies in the world that publish SEO tools … I let you imagine the length of the article on #audreytips if it was necessary to list them all and evaluate them It is even a titanic job since new services are launched every day. Other paid solutions Ahrefs has an offer very similar to that of SEMrush. Unfortunately, it is also the same price!

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