Finally, see how SEO can contribute to these overall Marketing goals. So if the goal is to drive traffic to the top of the funnel, the keyword spectrum is pretty wide. On the other hand, if you must support a retargeting campaign, then you must be South Korea Email List more precise in targeting your keywords. From these SEO goals, you can get the result of specific metrics to measure and improve. Conclusion on SMART goals Without setting goals or objectives, the life of a business becomes a chaotic series of events that you cannot control. You become the plaything of chance.

The SMART methodology brings structure and traceability to your objectives. Instead of vague resolutions, a SMART goal creates verifiable trajectories toward a certain goal, with clear milestones and an estimate of goal achievement. In the life of a business, SMART goal setting is one of the most effective and least used tools for achieving goals. Once you have defined the main lines of a SEO, Email Marketing or other, take the time to define specific intermediate objectives. Setting SMART goals also creates transparency within your business.


Use SEMrush: Create An Seo Audit Of Your Website

It clarifies how the objectives came into being and the criteria by which their achievement will be achieved. Whatever the problem, the SMART method helps identify the gaps and improve your SEO and Digital Marketing now and in the future. It brings clarity to your plans and releases energy to achieve your goals. In the race for Inbound Marketing, it is too easy to forget the fundamentals of Marketing. “Classic” tools such as Personas , SWOT analysis or even taking the time to define clearly defined and time-bound objectives to be achieved ensure that your actions are always relevant to maximize your results.


Overuse the anchor text of your internal links Overuse the anchor text of your internal links An internal link is a link that points to another page on your website. Anchor text is text that is clickable. It often appears in blue (as in the results pages of Google for example) or in red on my WordPress theme. Inserting internal links in your content is useful for the user. Indeed, the user navigates from page to page on your website to easily find the information he is looking for. All of these internal links constitute the internal mesh . It structures your website.


Use SEMrush: View And Analyze Your Organic Keywords

For example, your home page gives general information about your company and its product and / or service offering. The product and / or service pages give more detailed information, but also the price. The contact page, your address, your phone number, your opening hours, etc. It is desirable that the home page be linked to each of these pages. All of these links also provide a quick path for search engine crawlers . This is why internal linking is good and useful both for your readers and for Google.

However, Google will be “wary” if you use multiple links in the same web content that point to the same page with anchor texts with the same keyword. Your content is going to appear to be over-optimized. And to be frank, if Google reports it that way, your readers probably do too. Obviously, this is one of the SEO practices to be banned. Yet it was widely practiced before. So, many entrepreneurs hope that this tactic can still serve their SEO. In fact, it’s probably the opposite since Google’s “Penguin” update in 2012. What should you do instead? Structure your site in a natural and logical way instead of stuffing your anchor texts with keywords.


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