Keyword research is the basis of SEO, whether it is to find new content ideas or to improve your existing content. But this task is not always easy to understand. Between BERT, semantics, voice search… you may be wondering where to start. Obviously, a friend probably told you about the Google Ads keyword planner or something … But where to Maldives Email List to emerge on the first page of Google when there are billions of searches per day! After years of practice and especially with the help of Laurent and his team, I realize that keyword research is not that difficult.

But no one becomes an expert in keyword research overnight. This is why I asked Valentin Barre to list you some tools to save you time on all these technical aspects. To help you even more, the tools are classified into 3 main categories: Tools specializing in natural referencing, Social networks, The means provided by Google. Contents [ display ] Specialized SEO tools There must be hundreds of tools that can help you find keywords that people are looking for.


Ubersuggest – How To Win The Seo Battle


I’ve collected my favorite keyword research tools here. SEMRush – the all-in-one marketing kit SEMRush is an essential online tool when you do SEO whether you are a digital agency or a simple novice. With SEMrush, you find what Internet users are looking for around a theme. Its use is very simple : Enter your keyword or phrase in the search bar, And SEMrush immediately offers a list of keywords for your search engine optimization (SEO) or online advertising (SEA) campaigns. This list contains exact phrases, related keywords, and keywords from organic searches.


Note : SEMrush does much more than keyword research . It’s a complete tool for developing perfect content and advertising strategies while spying on your competitors! You can start using the tool for free with a limited version which is quite sufficient if you are new to it. For the more seasoned among you, with the Pro subscription at $ 99 per month, you have unlimited access to most of the features of SEMrush. AnswerThePublic – Find out what people are looking for … AnswerThePublic – Find out what people are looking for …


Social Networks To Find Keywords

AnswerThePublic is a powerful tool and quite new compared to other tools on this list. From queries typed into Google and Bing, AnswerThePublic feeds its database to predict what Internet users will be looking for. Its interface is intuitive and very aesthetic for a keyword research tool. AnswerThePublic provides an original presentation of the data in the form of a star. To better navigate, the results are grouped according to questions: why, when, what is it… .. You can even export your search data to CSV or Excel for later import into Google’s Keyword Planner to estimate search volume.

AnswerThePublic is a gold mine of information about your prospect’s searches that you can use to create content. The kind of content that your customers really need. Ah I was about to forget: AnswerThePublic is free as long as you do not exceed the limit of daily searches. 1.FR – create content that answers your customers’ questions 1.FR – create content that answers your customers’ questions is the frenchie of the list. The interface is very ergonomic. You will find hundreds of topic ideas in 2 clicks. To do this, go to the “Content ideas” section and simply enter your keyword in the search bar.

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