Do you know that high CTR plays a role in how a webpage ranks in Google’s results pages? And yet, many entrepreneurs overlook organic click-through rate. Just as a reminder, organic click-through rate is the percentage of people who Haiti Email List on a search result to arrive on the linked website page. It is entirely possible to improve your CTR and benefit from excellent positioning on search engine results pages. Laurent told me that: Even if you don’t directly control your ranking on the results pages and the traffic generated, you can optimize the appearance of your results on search engines in order to significantly increase the click-through rate.

Discover in this article 7 good practices to improve your CTR on your most important pages. But first, I’ll tell you about organic CTR and its importance … Good reading ! Contents [ display ] What is organic CTR? Organic CTR (click-through rate) is the percentage of internet users who click to your website from search results. The higher your CTR, the higher the percentage of organic search traffic. Ranking high on Google is not enough. In addition, it is necessary that Internet users click on your result. Click-through rate shows user engagement. This is what matters most to Google.


Make Your Seo Titles Eye-catching

This is because it seeks to rank the websites that searchers click on in order to give them the best experience. For example, if Google tests 2 pages to see which is the most relevant for a chosen keyword, the page that receives the most clicks will rank higher. Many factors influence the CTR. The good news, however, is that most of these factors are completely under your control. What is a good click-through rate for organic search? What is a good click-through rate for organic search? (source Sistrix ) If the percentage of visitors who clicked from a search result to get to your website is high, then you have a good click-through rate. Be aware that the click-through rate varies for several reasons.


Obviously, the first Google search result gets the majority of clicks: It receives an average of 28.5% of clicks, And above all 10 times more clicks than the tenth result at the very bottom of the results page (SERP). Overall the top 3 results get around 60% of all clicks. The results on the second search page, on the other hand, get virtually no clicks. These statistics show that being on the first page is necessary, but not enough. To really generate traffic, therefore, you need to aim for the top 3 spots. Note : if you are on the first page of results, improving your CTR will push you up in the rankings.


Add Keywords To Your Descriptions

Why is organic click-through rate important? Why is organic click-through rate important? Your organic click-through rate is the percentage of traffic you get from search engines. Tracking and improving this conversion rate is extremely important for two reasons. 1. Receive more traffic By improving your organic CTR, you get more search engine traffic without any extra work. For example, if your CTR increases from 5% to 10%, you are essentially doubling your traffic without any additional SEO work. Note : Without trying to get your position up on the results page, it’s easy to improve your CTR and get more organic traffic.

Improve the overall ranking of your website Organic CTR is probably a ranking signal. In other words, Google’s algorithms may take it into account when determining your website’s position in its results pages. If this assumption is correct, with a high CTR, your site ranks higher in the search engines. Conversely, with a low CTR, you descend into the depths of the ranking. Fortunately, working the CTR is entirely within your reach. How to improve your organic click-through rate? How to improve your organic click-through rate? Here are the 7 practices I recommend to increase your organic rate: Make the titles of your pages catchy, Add compelling words in your descriptions, Use short and meaningful URLs, Optimize your content to gain rich snippets on Google, Optimize your content for secondary links, Use the Search Console performance report to identify pages with low CTR.

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