Natural Referencing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO for close friends) is one of the most sought-after skills in terms of Digital Marketing. Optimizing the content of your site well and taming Google’s algorithms allows you to Latvia Email Address qualified traffic in the long term. Because yes, unlike communication actions on social networks, the big advantage of SEO is that the results you get can continue to bring you visits for months, even years. So suddenly, how do you learn SEO? I learned it on the job by practicing and reading a lot of articles on the Internet.

But there are plenty of other methods that Sylvain Lembert , founder of Webmarketing & co’m explains to us in this article. Contents [ display ] 1. Read specialized sites and set up a watch in the field of SEO Like any topic, to fully understand the ins and outs, it is essential to document yourself. You can start by reading the sites specializing in SEO. On these, you will find advice, best practices and news about search engines. Aside from #audreytips, here are a few sites to get started: The old but still effective Webrankinfo and Abondance , Miss SEO Girl , Secrets2moteurs which compiles SEO news from different sites.


Obtain Documentation From The French-speaking Community Of Seos


And of course all the sites and blogs offered by Google. Once you have located the sites you want to follow, to facilitate your monitoring work and not pollute your mailbox with too abundant newsletters, you can use an RSS feed reader and subscribe to the feeds of previously viewed sites. . My advice : Feedly is a tool that allows you to manage all your RSS feeds. Note that the free version is more than enough. Thus, you can follow all the sources of information related to SEO from one place. 2. Take SEO training Take SEO training.


Following a training course allows you to understand and set up a natural referencing project from A to Z. This is surely the method that allows you to progress the fastest in SEO, especially thanks to the feedback from your trainer. Did you know that every year you have the rights to follow a training course without spending a cent out of your pocket? Your CPF allows you to obtain 500 € of training each year. This amount is also cumulative if you do not use it. If you do not yet have an account, you can create it with your social security number on the government website My Account Training .


Practice, Practice And Practice Again

Please note : not all SEO training is eligible for the CPF. Only certifying and recognized training courses are. For example, the training “Write to improve your Google SEO” on a day in a virtual classroom is eligible. Focused on the editorial part, it gives you the keys to maximize the impact of your content. If you also want to learn the technical part (site optimization, netlinking…), in this case, take a look at this 2-day training . You can also browse the mobile application available on the App Store or Google Play offered by My Training Account to find other training courses eligible for CPF.

Be careful to favor training where you have a live trainer with you, whether face-to-face or in a virtual classroom, to be able to easily ask your questions and be more motivated throughout the course. A recorded training is harder to follow, you have to motivate yourself to go to the end and the questions remain most of the time unanswered … Think about it! 3. Follow online tutorials In addition to training, there are also a multitude of online tutorials that help you see more clearly in terms of SEO. lists many of them, but you can also find them by doing a Google search on the specific topics that interest you. Doing as many tutorials as possible helps you practice to better assimilate the workings of SEO.

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