The final step in your video marketing strategy is about delivering your video. It must be planned upstream, because the chosen channels impact the video format and the messages. In order to make the investment of a video project profitable, you El Salvador WhatsApp Number List   develop an organized and efficient distribution strategy … We must be strategic and promote selective distribution. Also remember to measure your results, this will allow you to adjust certain parameters of your video marketing strategy. But what are the best channels for your video?

In this article, we show you 7 ways to effectively promote your video on the web. Trainer training 1. YOUR WEBSITE Your website is a great platform to receive your video. Indeed, it embodies the gateway to your business on the web. In addition, before even contacting sales or making an act of purchase, future buyers spend time on your website in order to familiarize themselves with your offer and to mature their decision.


Your Email Campaigns

By embedding a video on your website, you will be able to get their attention better. Video is more captivating and easier to consume than text. It facilitates understanding and memorization. Your website therefore appears as a judicious distribution channel for your video, which will provide useful information to your visitors. Several types of videos can be integrated into your website, depending on the pages: Your video pitch, we advise you to broadcast it on your homepage.

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In this video, you present your story, the needs that your target meets and the solution that you can provide; The tutorial videos can be promoted on the product pages. They will encourage your prospects to take the act of buying; Your corporate film can be shown on your “Company”, “Team” or “who we are” page. This video presents your premises, the working atmosphere, your employees… it allows you to humanize your brand and create proximity with your target; You can also broadcast “how it works” videos on your site to explain a manufacturing method or process.


Your Youtube Channel

The prospect thus gets an idea of ​​the progress of his collaboration with your company; Finally, if you have a lot of video content to distribute, it is possible to organize it in the form of a library on your website. This is called a video hub. Your visitors, customers but also salespeople have easy access to all your videos. Beyond nurturing and providing useful information to your prospects, embedding a video on your website increases your chances of appearing on the first page of SERPs by 53 times .

Thanks to video, your visitors will spend an average of 2.6 times more time on pages containing videos. The time spent on your website is one of the criteria taken into account by Google robots for your SEO. 2. YOUR LANDING PAGES The landing pages you use in marketing campaigns can also host videos. Make sure to include specific videos on each landing page. The use of generic videos would be deceptive and create a high bounce rate.

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