The only answer to this: the situation El Salvador Phone Number is so worrying, something will have to change. Keeping 44% of the people with a latent burnout risk afloat is only sustainable if you make concessions somewhere. The only one who can do that is the employer or management . It would help enormously if there was clear El Salvador Phone Number communication from the management: ‘This project has priority. This is what we focus on.’ It’s no secret that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, athletes and students are so effective because they choose to focus on their most important task and not do too much at once Kruse, 2015.

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And yes, of course, employees in this story also have a responsibility to guard their own boundaries. But this can only be expected if a bombardment of synchronized projects is not unleashed on them at the same time. Solution 2. Cut the number of projects This is important for executives and others who have anything to say about quarterly plans. Bring focus by running fewer projects at the same time, but doing what you do better.

El Salvador Phone Number

Making A Checklist

This creates space in your team for air, for a break, for a walk or an hour of sports during the day. Or to close your laptop at without feeling guilty because you had a productive day. Where is there room for targets, quarterly figures and customer wishes in this story?! Quite simply: if your people drop out, you are by definition more expensive and further removed than ever from a productive, well-streamlined team. Then you can write those targets on your stomach anyway.

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