Everyone talks about 360-degree customer relations, but how does it work in the field? The quality of customer relations in France is often singled out. However, there are also champions of customer relations with us. I Ethiopia Email List Alexandre Oddos, COO at Vocalcom , a French actor in customer relations present all over the world, in order to draw up a quick inventory of the situation after the confinement, noting in passing what had changed with this health crisis.

It is therefore not the end of content marketing, but the end of a certain view of content marketing, as an “SEO tool” with low added value . This was mentioned on Visionary Marketing a long time ago.

What Are The Most Advanced Sectors In Terms Of 360 Customer Relations?

Alexandre Oddos – There are four major cutting-edge sectors of activity , which are banking-insurance, retail, energy and telecommunications. We also note the emergence of new sectors such as education. The Covid crisis has caused a shift in our working methods, our processes, our ways of doing things. The CNED is, for example, a player that has changed its operational mode to strengthen its online service offering.

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With the Covid crisis, we have noticed the emergence of new sectors such as education in customer relations 360 By putting common sense logic back in place, and putting social media back in its place as well, this course will hopefully enable you to get more out of social media and content marketing, which will make the use of tools all the more obvious and easy. CQFD.

The Education Sector Is Also Focusing On Customer Relations

For all universities and business schools there is a need to carry out marketing campaigns on the Web, or on other channels, to be able to generate inbound calls, maintain the link with candidates, and manage students when they go to abroad as part of the gap years.

I was discussing it with the director of GEM in Grenoble , and here we are talking about 1,500 students, half of whom are abroad. It is therefore necessary to be able to have a platform or an environment that makes it possible to manage the expectations, problems and questions of learners. By email first, by SMS, and also by voice.

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