This is especially true if your every post and communication via social media matches the personality and overarching voice that your university embodies in person and through on-campus activities. Simply put. You want your online voice to perpetuate the experience that students. Parents. And teachers can expect to have when enrolling. Learning or working at your university. You want your online voice to speak to your university’s mission. A lack of continuity can make your university seem disingenuous and unorganized. And nobody wants to work or study at a school that comes across as confused about its identity. In practice. This means that any and all content you share. Including your posts and personal communications via social media. Needs to maintain the values you uphold every day as an educational institution. Before you can do that. Though. You need to first figure out what. Exactly.

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Those values even are. Establishing your brand’s values as Hospital Mailing Lists any organization. Each university has to define its set of values. The higher education landscape is competitive. So drawing out what distinguishes a university from others is an essential tool in driving enrollment. This is where higher education branding plays an important role. As a social media specialist at circa interactive. A digital marketing agency for higher education. I’ve worked through this process with a plethora of universities. To start. The branding team here at circa interactive goes through rounds of creative strategy in order to define and design our university partners’ brand attributes. To engage with prospective students on social media in the most effective way possible.

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The team first takes a deep dive with the university and its stakeholders. By interviewing and engaging with faculty members. Alumni. Current students. And the internal marketing and enrollment teams. We develop a deeper understanding of who the university is. Questions are tailored around these core buckets: passions. Or the “why” unique value propositions of the school or program audiences (personas) student outcomes challenges or misconceptions once we’ve pieced together those insights. We’re able to start telling a brand story. The student is the hero in our stories. And our job is to show them how this university is the path to achieving their goals. We like to imagine ourselves as prospective students. What do we want to achieve? What’s preventing us from getting there?

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