The Google Shopping Actions marketplace We told you last month that Google Shopping Actions is the new program that makes it easier for retailers and brands to sell their products with Google through a shopping cart shared between the giant’s different properties. Active only in the USA and on some beta advertisers in France, the Google Azerbaijan Email List Actions program should be rolled out nationwide at the start of 2019. Promise : A smooth shopping experience using a shareable list, universal cart, and instant checkout with saved payment information to facilitate the shopping process.

Objective : compete with Amazon and Cdiscount. How it works : The model works on commission-based invoicing on the sale. Google Shopping VS Google Shopping Actions Recently, the giant released its own Google Shopping Actions case studies showing that 68% of shoppers are new (meaning they wouldn’t have purchased from a retailer that wasn’t on Google Express) and seeing an increase 35% of the average order value for one beauty advertiser, as well as a 20% increase in basket size for another. The objectives of the Feedonomics x Ambush Board Co.


The Google Shopping Actions Marketplace

The study carried out by Feedonomics over 4 months is interesting for any advertiser and any distributor wishing to sell their products on Google Shopping and Google Shopping Actions. Feedonomics tested the separate and simultaneous delivery on Google Shopping and Google Shopping Actions and the analyzes show that the combination of the two types of campaigns would be complementary. Goals : Observe the impact on PLA performance by running GSA at the same time. Observe the overall gains and losses by running PLA and GSA simultaneously.


The results of the study Result of a test carried out after optimizing the feed for Google Actions and Google Shopping: Spending increased by 80% when running the two campaigns simultaneously. The conversion value increased by 104% and conversions also increased by 115%. Cost vs conversion value analysis After using Google Shopping Actions, the cost of PLA increased by 16%. Overall PLA performance dropped by 20%, no alarm as the total conversion value increased by 104%. The best option to maximize sales would be to combine Google Shopping and Google Shopping Actions.


What About Advertisers And Distributors?

What about advertisers and distributors? More concretely, it was observed an increase in the number of clicks at a slightly higher cost only on Google Shopping, due to slightly poorer performance and lower conversions in PLA. Ultimately, having higher funnel search queries to direct potential buyers to CAs, and ultimately to the advertisers and distributors website, is also a good thing. Why ? This gives buyers a better understanding of the retailer’s brand and other information that can help make a purchase easier. Overall, the total revenue of the study company more than doubled, which is of great interest to retailers who want to try Google Shopping Actions in addition to Google Shopping.

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