For this part, focus on your direct competitors. Here are the questions to ask yourself whatever the social platform: How many followers do they have on each of these networks? What is their engagement rate? How often do they Christmas Island Email List new content? What types of content do they favor? Once again, the goal here is to get an estimate of the effort required to be able to stand up to them. For this social network analysis, use a tool like BuzzSumo . BuzzSumo facilitates the monitoring of key indicators relating to the activity of your competitors. You will answer all these questions: Which social platforms are best suited to your industry? What type of content performs best? Who share the content of your competitors?

Thus, you identify the influencers who interact with the content of your competitors and who are therefore inclined to share yours as well. You just need to build relationships with them to promote your own content. Once this analysis has been carried out, you can thus identify clear quantified objectives for your social networks, based on the performance of your competitors. Audrey: Thank you Aurélie for this complete overview of the analysis of the Internet presence of its competitors. I add that you have to review all these steps regularly. Conclusion on the analysis of your SEO competition Here are the 5 steps covered to perform an analysis of your SEO competition: Who are your competitors? What are their scores on Moz and Majestic?


The Growing Influence Marketing Market

Do they follow the known practices of SEO on their pages? How strong are their backlinks? Are they active on Social Networks? Once these 5 steps have been followed, you benefit from a complete vision of your competitors’ SEO strategy. Then all you have to do is get to work to overcome them! For perfectionists, follow these 5 steps. Do a SWOT analysis to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats vis-à-vis your competition. This is how you will identify precisely where to focus your efforts and obtain the fastest gains.


Your rankings in the results pages go up since the search engine algorithms take into account the number and quality of backlinks, More traffic following the exposure of your links . Each link on a third-party site is likely to be clicked by Internet users. You de facto get a small portion of the traffic from all of these sites. SEO experts call this traffic acquisition “link juice”. Obviously, to win new customers, this “link juice” must generate qualified traffic. It is therefore an aspect to take into account as soon as you work on your “SEO Off page”.


Which Social Networks To Use?

Create backlinks yourself Create backlinks yourself We have seen that Google considers a link from another website to your site as a “vote” of confidence. So why not “vote” for yourself! Over the years, webmasters have created their own backlinks by “inventing” multiple ways to increase their number of inbound links. Some of these methods are even questionable. Digital Marketing experts call them “ Black Hat SEO ”. Since the so-called Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates, Google’s algorithm identifies these unnatural inbound links. Entrepreneurs who use these methods have their website penalized. And if you abuse it, Google may even stop indexing your website

! The “Follow” or “nofollow” attribute In order to give webmasters a way to connect to a website without skipping “link juice”, search engines have introduced the “nofollow” attribute for links. This is an HTML attribute to add to a link like this: <a href= rel= “nofollow”> Click here </a> This nofollow attribute tells search engines not to consider this link as a “vote of confidence” for the referenced website. Nofollow was introduced to link you to other sites from your own without sounding like a “black hat SEO” follower. My advice : add the nofollow tag on all of your external links in your pages that point to websites that you don’t fully trust.

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