Each time his robot passes, he updates it. He gives you here the evolution of what he found. Note : Google can only include pages that are in its Index in its search results. And if a page does not appear in its Index, it is as if it did not exist in Guinea Email List of natural referencing. If your business website is not in Google’s index, you are unlikely to appear in search results. Your natural referencing is non-existent.

The Search Console tool provides key information about the pages on your website that are in Google’s index. The “Index” tab contains 3 sub-headings: Blanket, Sitemaps, Suppression. 2.1. View coverage data In the screen above, you can see that there are no major errors on #audreytips. Regularly check the number of pages in the index Your website is probably at least 5-10 pages long, and maybe 100 or more if you post content regularly. It is important to make sure that Google “knows” all of these pages.


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My advice : regularly check the shape of the indexing state curve. The curve must be constantly growing . If it is not, it is: That there is a problem with your website, That you mistakenly modified your robots.txt file, That you do not create content regularly, Or that you have intentionally deleted pages from your website. In the first 2 cases, act quickly to correct the problem! My advice : I recommend that you take the following steps: Check regularly that the number of errors is not increasing faster than adding pages to your site.


If so, there is a problem that needs to be resolved quickly. Set a goal of reviewing error details and correcting a specific number of errors very regularly. The visibility of your website is at stake. I advise you to correct the errors every week. 2.2. Check your sitemaps To prevent Google from discovering all your pages by itself, you might as well tell it in advance. This is the purpose of the Sitemaps file. The latter updates itself as soon as you make a modification on your site and it is then transmitted to Google which will decide more or less quickly to launch its robot to retrieve the content of the pages.


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In WordPress, this whole process is perfectly implemented by an extension like Yoast SEO for WordPress . And in this case, the improvements suggested by Search Console are rather rare, once the configuration is done. My advice : the sitemap does not guarantee the indexing of pages … But you might as well make sure that it is in good health, too. So check this page regularly and deal with any errors and warnings there! It’s also a good way to check the index date of your pages.

So you know if your updates have been taken into account by the search engine. 2.3. Manage your URL deletions In this section, you can declare URLs that you no longer use or that are obsolete to Google. This way, he will also remove them from his Index. Again, this is a way to speed up the Index update instead of waiting for bots to find out for themselves. It’s a good way to clean up your website indexing. It is never good to keep old URLs that point to a 404 error page. Keeping your site healthy.

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