And if you look at it regularly, you immediately India Phone Number see if something is missing. Photo of Arjan Broere’s bag. You may know Matt Mullenweg’s series What’s in my bag . For several years in a row, Mullenweg records India Phone Number what he takes with him along the way. Lots of links to gadgets and skills. A filled bag from Matt Mullenweg as a checklist for what he has with him. Source: Matt Mullenweg . Or you can easily keep track of India Phone Number who you have lent something to by taking a photo of that person with the item in question.

Advantage Of Such A Reminder

How often do you miss a book and India Phone Number you have no idea if and to whom you have lent it. A tip from Lifehacker . Photo of someone with a book. Day start and closing Many knowledge workers have a lot of autonomy and decide India Phone Number for themselves what they do when, with whom, where and in what way. In addition, the average knowledge worker usually has a to-do list that contains so many items that there is always something you don’t do when you do something else.

India Phone Number

Of Such A Reminder

Or as David Allen says: You can do everything but not everything. To make a good choice, it can be useful in the morning to think about what you want to do in a day. And what not. By making a simple checklist for a day’s start , you can approach this a bit more systematically. For example something like: Are there any outstanding tasks from yesterday? What’s on your agenda? What do you want to do at least.

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