In it, CPG Gray and Myke Hurley have Israel Phone Number been discussing for several years in a row how themes help to take a new direction in a fairly relaxed and at the same time concrete way. Let’s say you want to be more careful with your Israel Phone Number finances and build more elbow room in the long run. Then you look for a word that expresses that appealing. Maybe the acronym FIRE? Maybe Moneypenny? Examples of year themes are in the Cortex podcast: the year of order the year of less year of refinement year of diversification the winter Israel Phone Number of reading A theme also helps if you don’t know exactly what you want to achieve.

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If you want more impact as a Israel Phone Number professional, you might have some images with that. But a SMART goal would be too concrete and close potential avenues that you don’t see yet. You start with the theme and gradually see what Israel Phone Number works and what doesn’t. As you go along, you see more and more clearly where the essence is and what behavior goes with it. When choosing a theme, consider what attracts you to that theme.

Israel Phone Number

Suppose You Regularly

Why do you want what you want? What does the theme bring you? If everything you hope to achieve now comes true, what will your world look like? And what’s so attractive about that? Relevant filters You may know it: you are in the market for a new car and you have a type in mind. Suddenly you see that type of car everywhere. Or is considering taking up running and suddenly sees all kinds of runners on the street.

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