Is your own website already set up? Do you Afghanistan Phone Number write a weekly or monthly blog on it? Do you want to share your expertise via social media platforms? Everything is possible. But do it like everything else: consistent, authentic (by staying close to your own ‘I’) and also planned. Perhaps it is important to first Afghanistan Phone Number just look around on the different channels. Whether that is on LinkedIn – the largest platform for professionals – or, if it is more suitable for you or your market, for example Pinterest.

Heart Until The Table Has Paid

TikTok or Instagram. The choice Afghanistan Phone Number of platform is very important, because the adage the medium is the message still applies to personal branding . Then you decide what you want to say. Which themes will become the Afghanistan Phone Number cornerstones of your positioning? And in what form are you going to put it on stage? Are you a real writer, or do you prefer to do it through photos, illustrations or a vlog? There are few wrong answers, as long as you always keep your target audience in mind.

Afghanistan Phone Number

The Table Has Paid

It is important for your personal branding (just like when you communicate on behalf of a company) to set up a serious content plan for it. This provides guidance, an overview and it provides structure. It prevents you from thinking just before lunch on Thursday: “Oh yes, I still have to come up with something to post.” In practice, that is usually not the beginning of a success story. You can download a simple template for a content plan here First make your own copy.

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