Read through our guide on how to identify social media influencers and put together a list of accounts to follow and start a campaign to compel them to follow you. One of the best things about getting influencers to follow you is it adds validity to your brand. When people see you’re followed by other influencers they respect. They’ll be more likely to follow you too. After getting some high profile accounts to follow you. Analyze your overall followers and see if they’ve resulted in any additional followers. Which followers engage the most? Influencers aren’t the only followers that matter. If your customers are frequently mentioning and engaging with you on twitter. The worst thing you can do is ignore them. Our q2 2016 sprout index looked at the affects of shunning customers on social media.

Knowing The Best Times To Post Is Crucial

And the results are not pretty. Sprout social index data: why Training Directors Email Lists unfollow brands on social as you can see. You risk losing brand advocates. Receiving negative feedback and eve ending potential customers to your competitor. Make sure you’re acknowledging your top engagers. Regardless of their follower count. Sprout’s trends report shows which users are engaging with you the most. As well as the users that are frequently mentioned with you. Sprout twitter data: accounts frequently mentioned with you use this report as a way to look for co-marketing opportunities. Get ideas for user-generated content or just to highlight your loyal brand advocates. Analyzing who’s following you on twitter is important. But knowing who’s mentioning and promoting your account is just as valuable. If not more.

Training Directors Email Lists

More People Online Than Ever Before

Twitter cta gif what type of content resonates with your followers? We’ve analyzed what your followers are tweeting about. Which gives you a pretty good idea of what you should be sharing. But we can also find out exactly what type of content is resonating with your followers by analyzing your past tweets. The goal is to find the topics and types of tweets you’re sharing that are driving the most engagement. The quickest way to do this is to look at your sent tweets history in either twitter or sprout. Twitter’s analytics show you how many impressions. Clicks and overall engagement your tweets are receiving. Sprout twitter performance summary it can be helpful to organize all of this data into a spreadsheet. Have a columns for: the tweet the topic engagement stats you can find this information in sprout as well in the post performance report.

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