Take a moment to get out of the granular details and. See the full picture of this search engine’s most prolific core updates. Let’s decode what he was actually telling us:

2011: google told us to prioritize rich and valuable content with the launch of panda.
2012: google told us to stop using keyword stuffing and artificial backlink strategies with the launch of penguin.
2013: google told us to consider user search intent with the launch of hummingbird.
2014: google told us to think about people locally with the launch of pigeon.
2015: google told us to go where users are and make sites mobile friendly with the launch of mobile.
2015: google told us to understand our users better and make content relevant with the launch of rankbrain.
2017: google told us to stop cloaking customer-centric content with intrusive interstitial ads.
2018: google told us to consider real user needs and questions with the launch of bert.
For over a decade, we’ve been concentrating on the details to fool the algorithm, but over time, we should have learned the modern way of being a good seo:

Ignore google. Satisfy users.

Looking back, it’s no secret or surprise that google. Has been planning this all along.

The search engine has been perfecting its interpretation of human consciousness Croatia WhatsApp Number List and transforming itself to focus on the user and the human being. He too must adapt to survive, otherwise the quest results will no longer be valuable .

Google is forcing all of us to move away from the technical. Details of algorithm updates and focus on the detailed needs of real people.

Ignore google. Satisfies users.

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Cooking time is related to the time needed to complete the preparation of an ingredient or food.
On the other hand, preparation time means how many minutes or hours it will take a person to combine all the ingredients before cooking.
But, this period of time can vary from one person to another, right? Some people with more experience can prepare the food very quickly, while a novice can take longer.

Google noticed this and made changes about it.

Read on and find out which ones!

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