Take advantage of interactivity and gamification in your content strategy
Games are some of the most interactive and immersive experiences out there, so thinking about interactive content for your brand and delivering it in a gamified way can be a good approach to engage your audience.

Especially if it is an audience made up of young adults ( 18-34 years old), who are used to a game logic that involves tasks, rewards, completing missions and leveling up.

This video from gamify shows some good examples of gamification techniques to think about

Cross-platform is key
Regardless of the interactive content strategy you use, it is essential to bear in mind that, for Greece WhatsApp Number List users, the less conflict there is between the platforms, the better the experience and, consequently, the engagement of your audience.

This is even more important when users can interact with each other during the experience. That means you should avoid a quiz or ad game that works fine on ios, but has serious bugs on android, desktop, etc.

Do not forget that humans are social beings.

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During the pandemic, a significant number of people have participated in video games. When the pandemic is finally over, people may well be spending their time outdoors, with. The  friends and family they haven’t seen in person for a long time.

However, based on this article we can consider that people became more open to using games as social spaces. That means they may also be more prone to similar interactive experiences. It can be harder to grab an audience’s attention these. The days, but listening to their pains and coming up with some creative ideas for interactivity and engagement can be what makes all the difference. In your strategy.

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