Often the good intentions fail after a Georgia Phone Number few weeks. In itself also logical if it remains with expressing an intention without further converting it into action. A number of disadvantages of the classic New Year’s resolutions are: Resolutions often arise from a negative feeling: I’m too heavy, I read too little, I too often don’t Georgia Phone Number do what I promise. That is a great starting point for change, but if you know what you are working towards and what you do want, it becomes easier.

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And more fun. Intentions are often multiple. Everything has to be different! More exercise and healthier food are two major projects in themselves. But if you combine that with a few other things, you easily lose focus. Resolutions are often not things you can do every day. How do you ‘eat healthier’ or ‘read more’ or ‘have more patience’? This requires a more concrete translation into behaviour. Intentions often arise from a comparison with what others can and do. Why do I eat so unhealthy, when others all eat sensibly.

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Have you just finished a big bag of cheese and onion chips and you see on Instagram that your friends are serving stir-fried bok choy with sesame oil as a snack. On social media you see the on stage side of someone and you compare it with your off stage. The real life. You have probably already seen the video of Robyn Schall who looks back with a laugh on her good intentions for 2020. It shows the relativity of plans nicely. Not just in 2020. And yes, it will fail too As Mike Tyson once said quite brutally: Everyone has a plan. Until they get punched in the face.

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