Here is a graphic explaining this strategy: Definition of a multi-site SEO strategy For those of you who read English, here is an article from Azfar Hisham, giving a balanced view between “single site” and “multi-site” . The Benefits of Publishing a Network of Websites (PBN)? Effective for Ghana Email List SEO! Going up in the rankings of Google is the number one reason for adopting a multi-site strategy for your business. For Digital Marketing experts, a network of websites is a PBN for “Private Blog Network”.

This tactic worked very well a few years ago. But today, it only works if it is extremely well done. Indeed, even Laurent has used this approach in the past: When I was running a professional translation company, we had created several sites, some of which were relatively popular. Each site dealt with translation with a specific theme: CV translation, medical translation, financial translation… And our main site received links from all these other sites. This boosted the natural referencing of the company’s site!


How To Inform Search Engines About Your Favorite Domain?

This tactic can make sense if each of your websites has a real content strategy, with real resources (human, financial), and the links between the sites are “natural”. This approach is adopted for international sites. Certain large groups, such as auféminin , practice a logic of multi-sites. For example, aufeminin own and run a network of around twenty websites. You can see it very well in their footer, they have put the sites in different languages ​​to which they have added other sites which they have acquired and for which they wish to keep the mark. More relevant content for your visitors!


Imagine that your company offers coaching services for professionals. Your offer is made up of several very distinct “products”: Executive coaching, Crisis coaching, Team building coaching, … It is more interesting for a potential client to visit a site very specialized on executive coaching, if this subject interests him. Your prospect has the impression of being on the site of an ultra-specialized company. If your content is relevant and useful, your conversion rate will surely be high. But you got it, every specialized site must be lively and useful, as such.


Optimize The Structure Of Your Urls

My advice: Ask yourself the following question for each site you plan to create and run: “Is this site, as such, useful, interesting and relevant to the Internet users I am targeting ?”. If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track. Ideal for a multi-brand business Ideal for a multi-brand business If your business has completely separate product or service lines, the question might not even arise. You are forced to create different websites to carry each brand. In fact, certain companies that Laurent meets during the events and fairs in which he participates, surprisingly, have very varied activities.

For example, one of them managed, under the same brand: A restaurant, A private nursery, A communication agency. There can certainly be partnerships between these 3 activities. And admit that they are different enough to justify creating and running 3 websites. You can then imagine creating links between these 3 websites. However, pay attention to the relevance of the links … The fact that a communication agency receives an inbound link from a restaurant can be considered. The restaurant may have hosted the agency team for a team building lunch.

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