Entered taobao live on India Phone Number may 21, 2016. In 2018, viya viya stood out in taobao live with excellent results. After 3 years of precipitation, the number of single views increased. From 5,000 to hundreds of millions, and a single live broadcast exceeded 300 million, with up to 3,500 fans. Ten thousand. In 2018, the total sales of taobao live broadcast guidance reached 2.7 billion, in 2019. It reached 3 billion, and in 2020 it reached 31 billion. In the competition of millions India Phone Number of anchors, it is difficult. To maintain a stable position. This article will be disassembled from wei ya’s positioning, user operation, live broadcast selection and sales skills. For you who want to be an e-commerce live broadcast, i believe.

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This article can help India Phone Number everyone. The name viya comes from the name of the founder, viya. She is an. Entrepreneur with strong execution. In 2003, she had some clothing experience and opened a foreign. Trade clothing store in beijing. In 2005, she switched to India Phone Number the entertainment industry. Years turned to xi’an to. Make clothing. Later, the momentum of e-commerce was booming. Attracted by the new market, he. Moved to guangzhou to open a taobao store. Due to the lack of certain e-commerce experience, he lost 8. Million. In the context of very fierce competition in e-commerce, if you want to divide up the market share, it is very difficult to operate without enough experience.

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In this case, wei ya did not choose India Phone Number to give up, but. Continued. To encourage herself to move forward. When she saw the opportunity of taobao live broadcast, she. Resolutely chose to give it a shot. At this time, viya viya was born. Viya did not expect that India Phone Number this decision would also quietly change herself. 01 positioning accurate positioning can better develop herself, so how does. She position it? In taobao live broadcast, wei ya is the originator of the mountain. Although she does not have the experience and guidance of her predecessors, her platform positioning is very clear. She always believes that the most important point for the anchor is to express the truth and share good things .

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