Since wechat has occupied all USA Phone Number aspects of our lives. Many people have no habit of using qq. Qq has become a memory of the post-80s and 90s. However, it seems that the daily activity of qq is still very high. And the monthly activity is compared with wechat. Not comparable. At the same time. Qq has also won the favor of more young people because of its sensitivity USA Phone Number to new things. Therefore, it has a high degree of overlap with the target users of k12 education companies. Especially the students of junior high school and high school, who are reluctant. To use the same social software as parents. One of the main reasons they use qq. From this point of view, while various brands and. Industries are focusing on wechat marketing, k12 education has expanded its marketing position to qq, hoping.

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The wechat community to achieve USA Phone Number the effect of 1+1>2. This has been confirmed by the qq group. Fission activity confirmed by gaotu classroom and zhuobang live class, which can play a good role in. Attracting fans and converting. Let me share USA Phone Number what the author has seen and thought in the qq group these days. The outline of the article is as follows: why qq? Qq operating model dismantling comparison. Of gaotu classroom and homework help how to make good use of qq? 1. Why qq? In fact, fission in the qq. Group still has great drawbacks. The biggest problem is that users who want to take a 0-yuan class still need. To join the 0-yuan class listening group of wechat, which requires jumping from qq to wechat, but qq jumps. It takes at least eight clicks (including a long press) to reach wechat, the operation path is very long. And the user churn rate is as high as 50%. Therefore, in this context, why insist on making qq groups to operate.

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Pools, qq and qq groups USA Phone Number must have functions that wechat cannot replace. From the function of qq and qq group: the user capacity limit of qq community is high, up to 2,000, which. Can significantly improve operational efficiency compared USA Phone Number to the 500 limit of wechat group; qq can initiate. A temporary session, and operators can reach users through private chat without adding users as friends. Increasing the probability of information exposure; the USA Phone Number qq group can be set to be banned from the group. Which can effectively distinguish the learning exchange group, the data distribution group and the activity. Participation group for the operator.

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