This doesn’t mean that your logo has to be colorless, but it might be a good idea to create a black and white logo first. When you have a solid concept and composition, then you can add color. By then you will already have the shape of your logo and the idea Egypt Phone Numbers List want to convey. You can then experiment with different colors until you find the one that really suits your logo. 8. Fuzzy intention The choice of font, imagery and color reflects underlying intentions.

The visual style allows viewers to understand the values ​​and intentions of your business and the emotional connection to the product. For example, you would expect a logo to carry a different emotional intention depending on whether you are dealing with an airline or a food bank. Your customers will associate your logo with the core intention of your business, hence the importance that the two correspond. If your business revolves around fashion and trends, a strong and bold logo will resonate with your target audience.


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For customer service, on the other hand, we will seek to evoke a feeling of calm and confidence. Take the time to think about the visual identity you want to create for your business. What message do you want to convey through your logo? What feeling do you want to elicit in people who see it? to summarize Creating the right logo for your business can seem frustratingly subjectivity. However, if you do some research, know what mistakes to avoid, and understand your target audience, you will be in favor of the odds. Ready to create your logo? Try our free logo maker tools to create a custom professional logo right now!

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Nike’s name is taken from that of the Greek goddess of victory and the swoosh symbolizes the speed and wings that Nike shoes give. Other well-known brand logos clearly communicate the business of the company. This lets customers know immediately what to expect from it. The Burger King logo, for example, displays the name of the brand in a hamburger. This type of logo helps avoid confusion among consumers. And there’s a good reason why the logos of the biggest brands flaunt a certain image.


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It creates an emotional bond Take a look again at all the most famous logos. What sensations do they arouse? The logo is often the first element that weaves the emotional connection that we feel towards our favorite brands. Consider the following data, taken from Marketing and Entrepreneurship: 80% of consumers believe that colors promote brand recognition 93% of purchasing decisions are based on visual perceptions 7% of consumers say they buy products because of their color That’s why your small business needs a logo specifically designed to generate a positive response from customers.

If your logo resonates with your potential customers, they are unlikely to forget about your business. And if they have fond memories of your business, they are more likely to purchase your products or services. On the other hand, if your logo is poorly designed, your bottom line could suffer. Again, it’s your logo that creates the first impression and the opportunity to make a good impression only comes once. No matter what service or product you are selling, you will have a lot of competition.

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