I am always looking for new ways to find new opportunities for you, dear readers. And I always test them my findings to develop #audreytips. For a few months, I took in hand SEMrush to optimize my SEO. I spoke to Laurent about it . Here is what he told me: I know SEMrush well. I use it Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List every day and it is a very complete and powerful tool. to define and optimize a digital strategy, in particular for Content Marketing and SEO.

Any Digital Marketing expert will tell you that getting organic traffic on Google is difficult, if not impossible without the right tools. Among these, SEMrush is a leading tool in the world of natural and paid referencing. What are the most frequent questions about this tool? So I decide to go through this tool and list the most frequent questions raised by SEMrush . Contents [ display ] The 8 main features of SEMrush SEMRush – Measurable Results From Online Marketing It is directly displayed on the home page : Do SEO, content marketing, competitive analysis, PPC and social media marketing from one platform. And to go into more detail, go to their page which describes their service .


Is Semrush Right For You?

Here is a summary of the great features. 1. Analysis of organic research With organic search on SEMrush, you: Visualize in a simple way the best keywords used by your competitors, Find out if new competitors have appeared and thus check the changes in the place of domain names in the results. 2. Advertising on search engines The main objective is the optimization of your paid search (SEA) campaigns, in particular with Google Ads (formerly Adwords). With the SEMrush tool, you can easily: Discover the advertising strategies and budgets of its competitors, Analyze the textual content of competitors’ advertisements, Translate its advertising campaigns.


In summary : given the amounts invested in Google Ads campaigns, knowing what your competitors are doing is certainly a great help! 3. Display advertising The “Display advertising” section of SEMrush: View your competitors’ advertising banners, Identify your new competitors, And presents your own banners as they are displayed on different types of devices to make sure they are properly framed, “sized” … Why is this so interesting? First of all, sometimes we “dry” to create a banner ad. Being able to capture the ideas of your competitors is always a good source of inspiration. In addition, you will also better understand which marketing levers are used and effective.


Last Question About Semrush: Do You Use It Audrey?

For example, what added value should we highlight? 4. Backlinks, backlinks SEMrush – backlinks or backlinks analysis SEMrush also allows you to analyze your external links in detail. This is particularly important in order to rank well on Google. Indeed, the popularity of your website is determined by the quality and quantity of your backlinks. It is an essential factor in the natural referencing (SEO) of your website. With one click on SEMrush, you display: The list of your backlinks, Their type, The “value” of the domain name on which the backlink is located, And many other things. Obviously, it is also easy to find the backlinks of one of your competitors.

Again, this is an effective way to find ideas where to go to position backlinks for your business site. And so, play on how to find visibility opportunities for your business! On the same topic : My 10 Reasons to Use SEMRush for Your Website 5. Keyword Research The SEMrush tool also offers you an analysis of keywords in order to optimize your site, its natural referencing, and also your advertising campaigns (in particular on Google Ads). This function is similar to that of the Keyword Planner , provided for free in Google Ads. But the keyword list on SEMrush goes way beyond that with plenty of additional information and tips. In addition, with the Keyword Magic tool , you have access to an extensive database with over 20 billion keywords. It is very effective in finding related search terms.

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