Such comments expose your name to your target audience and it can only be beneficial for your SEO. My tip : Watch who mentions your brand on the Internet with Google Alerts , mentions or even ahrefs . Then participate in the conversation with relevance. 2. Write guest articles Guest blogging is not a new technique for SEO. Obviously, this Falkland Islands and Malvinas Email List with dozens of links pointing to your site. Besides, with such a level of quality, your host should not agree to publish it. Here are the main benefits of guest posts: Strengthen your expertise and that of your company, Increase the number of mentions of your brand, Bring qualified traffic, Acquire a few backlinks …

Let’s illustrate all of these benefits with an article we wrote on the SEMrush blog : Off page SEO: 5 tips to gain quality backlinks It is clear that just writing for the SEMrush blog de facto increases our authority in Digital Marketing. In addition, since it was a contest, SEMrush did a lot of promotion around these articles, which increased our notoriety. But that’s not all. SEMrush has become aware of the quality of our content. Since then, the French team regularly relays some of our content on Twitter. Incidentally, we had the chance to finish tied for 2nd in the competition, which further strengthened our expertise. My advice : contribute to leading websites in your field of activity by posting quality articles.


Join A Sales Organization, Forum Or Group

Contact bloggers to build strong relationships Contact bloggers to build strong relationships When I talk about contacting other bloggers, I’m not talking about the emails I get every day asking me to add a link in one of my articles or to exchange links. This tactic is, in my opinion, closer to spam than “awareness”. Moreover, the email goes directly to the trash. Build a lasting relationship Your goal is to build a lasting relationship with your contact. This involves: Monitor what is happening in your industry, Contact other bloggers to initiate the relationship, Earn his trust! It usually starts with helping the other person before asking for something in return. Then, acquiring backlinks becomes easier and more natural.


This is because it is easier to ask someone you have previously helped for something. Of course, this “off page SEO” approach takes a long time, but the benefits are clear. Give to receive Here is an example from a few months ago. I was reading an article on Digital Marketing. And I came across a broken link that pointed to an article that I thought was interesting to read. It wasn’t even an external link, just a poorly formatted internal link. So I decided to send a quick email to the site owner to warn them of the problem without even asking for anything in return. Obviously, the owner of the site thanked me.


Write Guest Articles

Since then, from time to time, he retweets some of my content without I never asked him anything. My advice : Not easy to have such a result every time. But put the odds in your favor, with truly personalized emails, not just the first name. Start by thanking the people who mentioned your content. Few of your competitors do and you immediately stand out. And often the relationship is maintained. Here are 3 ideas for building lasting relationships through promotion: Inform people about the problems encountered on their website: broken links, spelling mistakes … Thank people who have referred you to your content, Ask relevant questions to the people you want to reach … Above all, don’t ask for anything until the initial relationship has been established.

Apply the “Give to Receive” principle which is the most effective on your “Off Page SEO” success! That is, it should be light and quick to charge. Most Internet users won’t take the time to wait for your site to load. For this, you need to choose good image sizes and avoid overloading your theme with plugins and add-ons that will make your site too heavy for optimal SEO. It is also advisable to rewrite your URLs for all your pages to simplify them and optimize them for natural referencing . The goal is to have a simple web address for easy navigation while placing impactful keywords.


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