Also, the prioritization of the backlog really focuses on defining the MVP (most valuable product) , since when the budget is exhausted, it will no longer be possible to return to it. In good French, we speak of ” target cost “. The principles of such an approach establish: The vision of the final product in broad outline; The first sprints really develop the features with the Australia Phone Number List added value; Additions to the backlog should be balanced by removing user stories of equivalent complexity; Each sprint must really lead to an intermediate version to make it easier to requalify the next sprint; The risks of such an approach can be: If the initial budget is too restrictive, the project becomes infeasible ;


If the provider has little motivation to meet the initial goal, the MVP can be severely degraded ; To encourage the service provider to strive for greater productivity, it is possible to “encourage” its production and offer a higher margin in the event that the effective effort is less than expected. Package each iteration of the project It is one of the most frequent alternatives. Each iteration is subject to an independent contractual commitment and the client has the option of stopping at the end of each sprint and recovering the work carried out. It is interesting in terms of risk sharing, but not very reassuring for the client, who risks finding himself at the end of the race with an application that is difficult to resume quickly with a new team.

The Team Must Not Tend To Over-complicate

In this type of context, it is essential to validate upstream the conditions of separation and the service provider’s support commitment in the event of an exit. Such a contract requires mutual trust, respective obligations and precise monitoring of indicators. confidence agility development Whatever method is chosen, it should be remembered that agile contracting, whether with a flat-rate logic or not, must be based on strong mutual commitments of: responsiveness : of the service provider and the suppliers in all their exchanges and mutual requests visibility :

current developments, emerging needs, user expectations, … collaboration: between each member of each team and within organizations; trust : on the commitment of the service provider and the client to give the best; transparency : information and data provided on both sides; permanent and efficient communication ; involvement of all parties to make the project a success. Each agile fixed-price contract must be accompanied by precise quality indicators (classic agility indicators such as velocity, visual backlog, etc.), adapted to the type of contractualization.

User-stories In Order To Over-invoice

And, finally, with these solutions, the technical integration challenges are the same as with traditional E-commerce solutions: the ease of interfacing with your ERP or your logistics specialist depends on the prior existence or not of modules carried by the community or the publisher, the security of the transactions remains dependent on your VAD,… It should perhaps only be taken into account that these solutions being more recent, their community is not as rich and developed as for other actors. On the editorial and functional side, on the other hand, things get tough:

if you want a real return on investment linked to the development of the editorial / interactive parts , you have to plan a real strategy for the animation of the content : this goes for classic actions of ” community management ” , to significant editorial production to feed your content around dossiers, news, novelties, etc. You must integrate into your marketing planning all the editorial actions carried out to guarantee the transversality of your promotional approaches.

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