Investing in SEO. Do a keyword research France Phone Number for each blog, or do a keyword research and decide based on the outcome what kind of blogs you are going to write. You don’t even need an expensive desk for this, but France Phone Number you can easily do it yourself. In 15 minutes  Canada Phone Number I did a basic keyword research, so can you. Immerse yourself in it.” Kim believes Canada Phone Number that a good blog has a France Phone Number clear purpose and should suit you as a person. “Don’t blog indiscriminately, really think about your approach. Do you want to sell your product, transfer knowledge, give support or something else? Blog with attention, and always.

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Social can be similar Roos is one of France Phone Number  of the first pioneers in the social media field. She now helps companies with Merkwerker to turn employees into brand workers. Optimal use of social media brings the DNA and identity of an organization France Phone Number online, with all the associated benefits. She has a blog on her website, but it has been shut down for a year now. “ Businesswise I don’t really notice this , especially because I remain active on social media. In my opinion, blogs no longer have to make the difference. Doing well on social is almost comparable, as long as you pick the right momentum, make what you say newsworthy.

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The words you use  Blogs no longer have to France Phone Number  make a difference. – Roos van Vugt Doing well on social media, what exactly does that mean? “That means that you truly remain yourself, respond to others and you really invest in reciprocity.” Roos adds France Phone Number that a blog still has a supportive effect. “SEO-wise, a blog is of course always good and it supports your marketing. I also believe that the blog will get more attention because of all the volatile. I still read France Phone Number  them myself, but only from a number of favorite bloggers, they stand out for me in that violence.” People often find listening very difficult online The violence of oversharing, putting everything.

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