Although Digital Marketing is recent, the need to connect, to communicate with people of different languages ​​has existed for many centuries. Over time and the evolution of societies, translation has evolved and adapted to the different needs of the time. However, when we talk about translation and Dubai Email List needs, we are not only talking about linguistics, but also about the culture that has to be taken into consideration. For example, the lexicon for a Canadian audience is not the same as that for a French audience. But what does Digital Marketing have to do with all of this?

This is the question I asked José GAMBIN , Director of Sales and Marketing at AL Traductions . José invites you to discover how translation can help you in your international strategy. Contents [ display ] Why is translation so important in your digital marketing strategy? Why is translation so important in your digital marketing strategy? Translation is a profession that concerns many areas of work. Many fields, increasingly diversified thanks to the Internet, need these services on a regular basis for their proper functioning.


The Importance Of Location, A Matter Of Empathy

Digital Marketing and SEO are becoming more and more important in online promotion strategies and international promotion strategies. The internet has opened many doors and brought down many barriers, so that we can reach any place in the world with just one click. However, as we mentioned above, this results in the need to constantly translate the content. As in any other field, a professional translation performed by a specialist translator, with SEO knowledge, is essential. It is even essential for a successful international Digital Marketing strategy.


On the same subject : Publishing a network of websites: a good SEO idea? What is SEO translation and how important is it in Digital Marketing? What is SEO translation and how important is it in Digital Marketing? In a globalized and online world, it is easier than ever, and at the same time more complicated, to develop your business internationally. The Internet and its tools make it possible to expand our activities beyond our borders with a relatively low investment for entrepreneurs. The translation SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process of translation-oriented positioning is page .


Conclusion on the challenges of keyword translation

Concretely, it is about positioning the content of our website as high as possible on the search engine results pages. To do this, you need to combine translation and SEO tools and techniques. Although this type of translation is not very different in essence from a normal translation, it does require some additional concepts. Therefore, to ensure the success of the project, the translator should be familiar with the following 3 concepts: The translation of keywords, The proximity of languages, The importance of location. Keyword translation The keywords are the phrases that are used to carry out research in search engines (Google, Bing…).

This is why it is essential to: Know your target audience, Identify their problems and concerns, And, above all, know how he searches on Google. Likewise, it is also essential to analyze the search results of the major search engines for the topic that interests you, as well as the monthly search volume of the keywords. All of this helps you build a list of effective keywords to rank well. Finding the words that consumers use to conduct their searches is essential to winning over new customers. The primary goal of Google, and any other search engine, is to deliver the content consumers are looking for quickly and efficiently.

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