Thus, to improve the quality of your content, carefully analyze what your competition is doing, which is positioned in the first places of search results. How are these texts structured? Does your competitor’s text better meet search intent? What is the Kazakhstan Email List of these texts on average? Feel free to add content with new information. Your updated content should be more comprehensive. Without creating duplicate content , however , take inspiration from what your competition is doing to create more competitive and interesting content in the eyes of Google. My advice : use the SEMrush “ SEO Writing Assistant ” module .

It advises you on related words to insert in your text to improve its consistency. For this, it scans the content present on the first pages of results for your target query. On the same subject : Why and how to identify questions relating to a keyword? 4. Perform a keyword research Perform a keyword research Performing a keyword research is one of the most important steps in updating the content of an old article. Considering that the world (and Google’s algorithms!) Is continually changing, there is a need to adapt your content accordingly.

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The top search queries evolve, so your content needs to evolve too. Keyword research allows you to find interesting terms and topics for your SEO. These terms can help you enrich your title tags, your metadata, and the content of your text itself. This helps you rank better on a variety of queries, which in turn improves your SEO. Search Console: a major ally in keyword research Data from Google Search Console is very useful in keyword research. Indeed, you easily identify the best queries to work on to improve the SEO of an article. To access this data, here is the procedure to follow.


Log in to Search Console, Go to Performance> Search results , Indicate the URL of the blog article to optimize at the top as well as the number of months for which you wish to obtain information, Then click on the “Queries” tab at the bottom, Then sort the queries by the number of clicks or impressions. You can use this information to create or adapt your SEO strategy and thus you will be able to improve your SEO. 5. Improve your internal networking and your outgoing links Improve your internal networking and your outgoing links Another step in updating the content of an old blog post is to check the condition and quality of your internal linking and outgoing links. These 2 elements are crucial for natural referencing.


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Indeed, by optimizing them, you avoid the technical problems which can prove to be penalizing for SEO. Also, it helps you increase the domain authority of your website . How to improve the internal linking of a blog post To get started with optimizing the internal linking of blog content, first make sure that no links are broken. Broken links can be very harmful to SEO as they lead to outdated or simply non-existent pages. Next, analyze the anchor words you use to build your internal links . A good anchor word should be concise and direct.

It must also fit well into the context of the text in order to encourage as many conversions as possible. In general, it is recommended that the chosen anchor word is directly related to the main keyword of the page to which it leads . Finally, favor internal links to your service pages rather than to other blog posts. This helps build the authority of your pages and improve their SEO on Google. Choosing the right outgoing links Although inserting outbound links can be beneficial for your SEO, you should know how to use these links sparingly. Linking to an external page is beneficial if the latter has excellent domain authority (55 and over).

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