This step is essential to identify the competitors, to then go and discover all the keywords on which they are positioned. This allows me to access an exhaustive and qualified list of keywords that you can then work on. Choose keywords that relate to your business, products and services. It is therefore necessary to carry out a big sorting to Niue Email List all the keywords which do not concern you. This tedious step is called categorization. How many of you have already taken the time to complete this step? Little, I imagine. Normal is also one of the very common SEO mistakes.

The major risk is not having a vision of all the keywords in your market and your niche , and thus missing out on many opportunities. Quite often your SEO competitors are different from your “real life” competitors. Indeed, SEO competitors are all the pages that rank higher than yours on a given query. My advice : equip yourself with SEMrush or Ahrefs to get more advanced information about your competition on Google. 7. Don’t do keyword research regularly SEO Mistakes – Not Doing Keyword Research Regularly The keywords searched by Internet users are far from being frozen in time.


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To convince you, Google announces that there are about 15% of new requests every day (source BDM ). Out of 100 searches on Google, 15 have never been requested before. Knowing that there are approximately 7 billion requests per day… Google must therefore understand them and offer the best content, and all this in real time. It has become more and more relevant, especially with the arrival of the Rankbrain algorithm in 2015.


My advice : regularly audit your keywords for: Identify new research trends in your market, And create the content accordingly, and if possible before your competitors … This is the best answer you can give to someone who tells you “SEO is dead, you know…”. 8. The robots.txt file is incorrectly configured What is the robots.txt file for? The robots.txt file is an integrated file in your server. It is generated manually or via an extension of your CMS such as Yoast SEO or Rankmath on WordPress. This file gives directions to Google’s crawlers.


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For example, you tell Google that it doesn’t need to waste time crawling and indexing your admin console login page: URL login page to your administration console The goal is to report to Google only URLs that are of interest to SEO. So, with this example, add the following directive to the robots.txt file: directive – robots.txt file Which means concretely, Mr. Google, please do not allow (disallow) your robot to come and explore the file is sometimes missing or incorrectly configured, especially with e-commerce sites.

My advice : ideally add all the URLs without any use for SEO. You have to chew up the work at Google. The case of URLs with parameters This is why you must block certain URLs with parameters, and in particular the URLs generated during internal searches. Let me explain. See the little internal search engine with the little magnifying glass on your favorite online store? See the little internal search engine with the little magnifying glass on your favorite online store?

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