Behavioral psychology from At Singapore Phone Number Frankwatching we do not (currently) have a podcast. We do publish articles about it, but do it yourself? It takes a lot of time and effort, we don’t have the skills… and what does it Singapore Phone Number actually yield? But it itches every now and then. For example, when I read this article by Rutger Steenbergen and Michiel Brand, about their experiences with their Singapore Phone Number podcast (and what it yields them). Or if a reader asks us why we don’t make podcasts. Recently a colleague shared this article on Villamedia with me. Apparently a new form of podcast is on the rise: the microcast! Shorter than usual podcasts. And perhaps easier to make. Could this revolutionize the podcast wor.

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Podcast to 10 minutes long. They can Singapore Phone Number take different forms. It can be a short news summary, a backstory to a song, an anchor or summary of a longer podcast, or a standalone podcast. Woman listens to podcast Singapore Phone Number on the stairs. Why is the microcast on the rise? Expert trend predictions have been pointing toward shorter podcasts for a while now. With the rise of wireless headphones (and earphones), streaming Singapore Phone Number and (smart) speakers, listening to music and podcasts is easier than ever. Even if you are waiting somewhere. “Casual audio consumption” is on the rise, according to Zack Reneau-Wedeen of Google Podcasts .

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Singapore Phone Number

Wireless headphones and connected Singapore Phone Number speakers, listening is more frictionless than ever, even outside the car. As a result, we will see more casual audio consumption and content creation, including shorter-form Singapore Phone Number content that’s easy to consume while running a quick errand or waiting in line. – Zack Reneau-Wedeen (Founder and Head of Product, Google Podcasts) Corey Layton (Australian Singapore Phone Number Radio Network) writes in the same trend article: as personalized streams become more popular, it becomes interesting for creators to focus on ‘atomized content’. Different types and shapes of podcasts to listen to when you brush your teeth  travel to.

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