listening tips in the comments below! Besides  Spain Phone Number the microcast there is also an even shorter form. Startup Blip will offer podcasts Spain Phone Number of a maximum of 200 seconds about 3 minutes in a feed that is personally composed for you. Criticism of the microcast Microcasts are less attractive to podcast creators who Spain Phone Number incorporate ads into their podcasts. Due to the short length, they may also have less income (because less space for advertising messages). And another critique from a creative point of view: maybe you shouldn’t be forced to make a podcast of a certain length. The content must The podcast has so far gone against the trends. Longform, in-depth content as opposed to all the short, visual snackable content.

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Short podcast aka microcast is on the Spain Phone Number rise. What is it? And why is it becoming more popular? New on Frankwatching Increase your chance of publication with these 4 parts in your press kit wo 5 conditions for credible Spain Phone Number communication about sustainability wo Social media marketing goals are often not achieved wo Stronger slides for your presentation with these 7 points of attention from Don’t think Spain Phone Number of a pink elephant! 10 marketing tips from behavioral psychology from At Frankwatching we do not (currently) have a podcast. We do publish articles about it, but do it yourself? It takes a lot of time and effort, we don’t have the skills… and what does it actually yield? But it itches every now.

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Article  Rutger Steenbergen and Michiel Spain Phone Number Brand, about their experiences with their podcast (and what it yields them). Or if a reader asks us why we don’t make podcasts. Recently a colleague shared this article on Villamedia Spain Phone Number with me. Apparently a new form of podcast is on the rise: the microcast! Shorter than usual podcasts. And perhaps easier to make. Could this revolutionize the podcast world? What is a Spain Phone Number microcast? A microcast is a short podcast, 5 to 10 minutes long. They can take different forms. It can be a short news summary, a backstory to a song, an anchor or summary of a longer podcast, or a standalone podcast.

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