Every article published on the Internet that talks about natural referencing (SEO) swears by “position” in the results pages of Google. Each indicator related to Natural Referencing (SEO) begins with “number 1” or “Top”. The more I master all these Philippines Email Lists , the more I think it is a mistake! What Laurent confirms to me by these words: Ask yourself the right question. Your only objective is to gain new customers. From this observation, being first on the search results pages is not a panacea. Obviously, it’s nice to see your pages at the top of Google’s results pages.

But if you just focus on ranking your pages, you’re missing out on a whole chunk of the customer acquisition process. Generating leads – and therefore additional income – requires a complementary approach. Maybe I should even say different? It is necessary to focus on other aspects, such as: Writing the titles of your web content, The design of your pages. It can also lead to reviewing your daily work and the organization of your digital team, if you have one. In the end, you will generate more prospects and therefore a higher volume of sales without necessarily being positioned at the top of Google rankings. It is also often less money invested and a significant time saving. In this article, I explain in detail why.


Does Ranking On Search Pages Matter?


Then, I’ll give you 3 easy-to-implement tips to generate as many leads as possible. Contents [ display ] Does ranking on search pages matter? Does ranking on search pages matter? Yes and no. Being at the top of Google’s results pages is a personal satisfaction. I have described the 200 criteria of the Google algorithm to you . You can learn them by heart and apply them to the letter. But it’s a lot of effort. In addition, this algorithm is constantly evolving . Think about it for a moment. Your ultimate goal is not to master the Google algorithm, but to generate leads as easily as possible.


I often read this assumption: with more traffic, you generate more leads! This is not completely wrong. But this is not necessarily the most effective approach to do it. Indeed, natural referencing is only one piece of the digital puzzle. Customer acquisition cost Customer acquisition cost The key indicator is the cost of acquiring a customer (CAC): How much money are you investing to generate a sale? And how much profit is a sale making? The answer to these 2 questions shows the performance of your Digital Marketing campaigns. At least, when it comes to natural referencing (SEO) or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. Estimating the cost for a sale also helps you better understand the context in which you operate. Let me explain. Is a cost per click (CPC) of 25 € expensive? May be. It will mainly depend on: From your target: who are you trying to reach?

How To Get More Leads With Seo?

And what you sell. Imagine that your offer consists of products with a selling price around € 50. So you can’t afford to pay $ 25 per click. It’s a simple calculation. You are going to eat your margin. However, if your average basket is several thousand dollars, a CPC of 25 € is quite acceptable. Return on investment The return on investment (ROI) of your Digital Marketing actions must be positive. Whether you run a B2B business or an online store, your goal isn’t just: To be at the top of Google results, Or that your ad on Google Ads is in the best place. Your goal is to maximize the margin generated by customers and prospects from search engine traffic. And this involves a multitude of techniques that make a whole, such as: Use structured data and hope one day to appear in “Features snippets”, Or register in directories to increase your chances of getting the most qualified visits.

Being first on Google is obviously the Holy Grail. We still have to get there! Usually, it requires a huge amount of work that can be better used elsewhere to achieve the same results for less. Obviously, I also advise against paying providers or Google to appear first. In particular, I insist on staying away from the false truths of SEO such as: “Getting # 1 on Google for $ 99 per month”. Now talk to your accountant about the “opportunity cost”: that is, the value of the best other unrealized option (source wiktionary ). Then try to see if you can use your money better. How to get more leads with SEO?

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