On the other hand, chatbots also make automation Germany Phone Number of sales and lead generation easier by qualifying the prospects from the first contact moment. That way it becomes easier to turn a visitor into a lead. How it works Chatbots have deep integration within a Germany Phone Number marketing automation tool. Therefore, they can become very relevant and personal. Communicating with a chatbot within marketing automation is therefore very similar to one-on-one Germany Phone Number communication. Has a lead identified itself on your website, for example through a completed form or a purchase? Then all the collected data around the lead is also.

Immediately Germany Phone Number available

Chatbot Do you then want to respond well Germany Phone Number to the customer journey phase in which your new lead or customer is located? Then you can easily adjust the communication method of the chatbot. An example: Chatbot: ‘How can I help you?’ Lead: ‘I’d like Germany Phone Number a demo.’ Chatbot: ‘We will arrange that. What is your email address and phone Germany Phone Number number? Then I’ll sign you up for our demo.’ From this point you can go in different directions. You can automatically send someone an email for a demo, or have your sales representative contact you to go through the demo. chatbot Everything stored in your CRM.

Germany Phone Number

The interactions Germany Phone Number chatbot

Had are all stored within your CRM tool. Leads  Germany Phone Number can  directly linked to sales representatives. The chatbot can then create Germany Phone Number new contacts or update current contacts. In addition, your lead scores are updated the moment someone interacts with the chatbot. In fact, every contact moment via the chatbot is automatically saved Germany Phone Number in a ‘life of the lead’. Automations can be started via the chatbot, which of course works very nicely with follow ups . Also read: 4 B2B marketing trends to keep in mind in 2021 Examples of marketing.

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