Some Internet users will carry out research to find a product within the site itself: Some Internet users will carry out research to find a product within the site itself. The results page is displayed and a unique URL is generated by your site: The Mauritius Email Lists page is displayed and a unique URL is generated by your site It is essential to block these URLs in the robot.txt file, for the simple reason that each new request will generate a new URL. After a few weeks, you accumulate tens of thousands of new URLs. Ultimately, this becomes a big drag on your SEO.

Indeed, these internal search results are of no interest to SEO. It is not helpful for Google to spend time crawling its URLs. The solution : in this example, block with the robots.txt file all the addresses that contain the parameter  block with the robots.txt file all addresses that contain the parameter I admit it’s a bit technical, but it avoids a lot of SEO mistakes. My advice : Make sure your robots.txt file is configured correctly if you have an online store or content site with an internal search engine, and a lot of traffic.


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Get Started With The Successful Integration Of Your Brand

Conclusion on the 8 major SEO mistakes in natural referencing SEO is a technical subject that requires knowledge of tools and methods. Depending on their activity, some sites can position themselves over time with a correct level of quality, but on competitive themes, you must push the analysis further. Because SEO errors can quickly happen and become a brake on your SEO, such as: Being obsessed with “Vanity metrics”, Do not use a semantic writing aid tool Don’t audit your popularity, Write for Google, and not your Internet users, Do not regularly audit your business website, Forget to follow your SEO competitors, Do not do keyword research regularly, Incorrectly configure the robots.txt file.


If necessary, contact an SEO professional to take stock of your site and its performance! And if your competition is very tough, also work on the research intent before you start writing any content. Note : as this is informational content , experts speak of the first stage of the acquisition funnel (TOFU). This is the best way to educate your visitors about your business. 2. Link your blog posts to the podcast Link your blog posts to the podcast Now that you’ve written a lot of articles on your different episodes, it’s important to direct your readers to your podcast.


Get Started With The Successful Integration Of Your Brand

Indeed, with a podcast and a blog, you have 2 ways of attracting visitors to your website, 2 ways of making yourself known. So you might as well link these 2 angles of your business. To do this, do not hesitate to add different links between your blog articles and the episodes present on your website, which address the same subjects. This will on the one hand add strength to your articles (Google loves links) and on the other hand your podcast will benefit from an increase in listeners. The goal is to try as much as possible to use all your content and link them together to create a powerful internal network .

Likewise, if your internal mesh is well designed between your various blog posts and episodes, you will convert simple curious visitors into hot prospects and certainly into customers. For this, you must guide your visitors from your blog posts to your episodes and vice versa, but also from your blog posts to other articles … The combinations are endless. If they follow the route that you have predefined, upstream, then it will be won for you. Your visitors will have become real hot prospects. It is a good way to make yourself known. Indeed, people who come across your articles, but who do not yet know your podcast, are redirected to it.

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