Google, which now understands user intent, user experience, and topic queries, saw multiple high-quality bookmarks on our site. He also acknowledged responses to the multitude of queries on human-centric topics.

Google is not the only thing that has changed; we’ve also changed our definition of quality content.

The key takeaway

If you have to choose between


all the green lights of your yoast plugin within wordpress or more clear and organized information for the user, do not hesitate: choose the user .

As marketers, we know a lot more about our prospects. Than we do about a plugin with non-human rules.

Google thinks like a human being and we should do the same.

I don’t mean to imply that we can completely ignore google to do great seo. Technical optimizations are key Chile WhatsApp Number List and we must continue to make them.

However, they are not the main driving force. We see technical improvements as a way to deliver the most important, the current content, in the best possible way.

My prediction

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2022 will be the first year that it will be truly possible to do good seo simply by thinking of the end user and leaving google as an afterthought.

And that, my friend, is what good marketing is all about.

This article was originally published in the search engine journal ebook ” seo trends 2022 “. It’s an amazing read, download it right now!In 2021, according to the app annie state of mobile 2022 report , people will spend a third of their waking hours on their phones . That’s a solid 4.8 hours per day of app browsing.

What does that mean? A 30% increase in usage since 2019.

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