Why is it that more people end up in a Ecuador Phone Number burnout due to the corona crisis? And how can employers prevent that? Cause 1. The fable of being productive in a day for 8 hours In my area I see them falling over in bushes. A friend who does his management job from the bedroom and barely gets out. A friend who regularly works through Ecuador Phone Number the weekend because she can’t get her busy marketing job with two young children done during the day. Never before have I seen so many fit, enthusiastic people turn into home workers with Ecuador Phone Number palpitations and a rushed feeling in such a short period of time.

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Thanks to online technology, employees can easily continue working from home in the familiar 9-to-5 rhythm. A system based on the belief that people can be productive for 8 hours a day. But in all honesty, we weren’t in the office either. That self-evident 8-hour working day does mean that ‘hard work’ is still often associate with ‘working long’. work from home kids Cause 2. The dichotomy among homeworkers Now that we work from home, we see a dichotomy in the results of home workers.

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The group with a quiet home workplace within reach turns out to be at least as innovative and productive at home as at the office (pdf). The danger is that many of them work too hard without a healthy break, due to the lack of a colleague to pick them up from behind the desk for a cup of coffee or a game of darts. Then there is also a group, mostly young parents, where the home situation is such that they can hardly work focused and quietly. As a result, evening hours or weeken hours rea time you nee to recharge are used to get the work done.

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