The most significant difference on linkedin is the ability to use conversational ads. You can send an offer directly to your leads’ inboxes. It’s great, especially if you’re a b2b company looking for more quality than volume.

Take this rock content campaign as an example. We created an interactive experience to help marketers with their abm strategies. The number of generated mqls exceeded our expectations.

To reach our target audience,


we defined a custom audience on linkedin looking for marketing managers, a Malta WhatsApp Number List targeting feature that is a linkedin differentiator. We then promote an ad with a link to our interactive experience.

It is difficult for our buyer person not to interact with this ad. We deliver exactly what they’re looking for, right to their inboxes. So the user reports their challenges in the abm strategy; we then send you a personalized plan based on the responses; finally, we get leads.

Using url parameters to customize your interactive experience

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another way to match ppc and interactive content is to personalize what they see with what you know about your visitors. With the tool, you can tailor the page to display different content to different users based on geographic location, search terms, and many other conditions.

That means you can create a ppc campaign for users in one country and display a custom landing page based on the state they’re coming from, for example.

Or, using google ads, tailor your headlines based on google search terms. For that, it uses the url parameters via the valuetrack parameters .

Optimizing interactive content and conversion rate (cro)
getting clicks on your ads is one thing; conversion on your landing page is another. Conversion rate optimization (cro) is an ongoing process: the work is never done, but it improves over time through data .

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