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Cecilia cury
Jan 28 | 5 min read

Falling demand for ads on streaming services

Therefore, A few weeks ago my family and I got together for a special lunch, and at one point my sister wanted to show us a video she had seen on social media. One of those family activities that demand our attention.

Therefore,dad, mom, niece, brother-in-law, and I were deep into their phone, waiting El Salvador WhatsApp Number List for the end of the video, and suddenly we wereby a loud, flashy ad for a delivery app (which, to make matters worse, was already installed on my sister’s phone).

It scared us so much that we lost our curiosity and didn’t finish. Watching the video; we got discussing how these types of ads interrupt — unfortunately

all too often — a good user experience.

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I was not herefore, by the result of the groupm study , which asked users of streaming platforms the following:

“how likely are you to agree to having to watch ads if it meant a lower monthly bill for streaming services ?”

What the data shows us
The result of the previous survey indicated that about 76% of the respondents were more willing to watch commercials , compared to 73% in the most recent survey .

While it’s only a subtle drop, that 3% may indicate the obvious. Consumption behavior I was already experiencing that day with my family: people hate interruptions .

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