The result is a more representative corporate world as well as a prosperous and diverse purchasing power.

If you liked this content, sign up for our newsletter to receive great articles like these straight to your inbox. Tiktok and youtube are the two social media apps that track their users’ personal data the most, according to recent research by url genius.

To reach this conclusion, the marketing company used apple’s new “record app activity” feature, which lets users know which apps are communicating with various networks by saving summary data. , sensors and internet access by application.

And, also, it conducted research on 200 apps and 20 different app categories to find out how they track users’ personal data.


Youtube, owned by google, obtained the majority of contacts with its own networks (71%), and tiktok, owned by bytedance, mainly with third-party trackers (also called third-party trackers), which raises many questions regarding Peru WhatsApp Number List the privacy and security.

In this article, we explore the results of this study and some data privacy concerns involving users, companies, and sellers.

What are the key discoveries?


ResePeru WhatsApp Number Listarch from url genius showed that the average number of contacts for. The social media apps is 6. However, youtube and tiktok were above this number, with 14 network contacts respectively.

It’s worth noting that the study estimated how many different domains track a user’s activity over the course of a visit before they log into an account, so that number may increase after they log into accounts.

for youtube, 71% of trackers were own network contacts. This implies that the data collection is for their own purposes, often. The to serve relevant ads to users. The rest of the contacts (4) were from third-party domains.

Tik tok
tiktok, on the other hand, showed more worrying results, with 13 out of 14 contacts. The on the network being from third parties, and tracking was done even when users did not allow tracking in the app’s settings.

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