Explanation of Google Shopping Actions Shopping Actions by Google is quite simply the transformation of Google Shopping into a marketplace. Amazon and Cdiscount now have a new direct competitor. Shopping Actions is a shopping program Bahrain Email List that allows merchants to showcase their products on various Google platforms. The promise: a seamless shopping experience using a shareable list, universal cart, and instant checkout with saved payment information. Thus, it is very easy for the customer to switch from browsing to purchasing.

Shopping Actions: the Google marketplace in beta test in France Already available in the United States since March 2018, Shopping Actions by Google has been in beta test in France for a few days. The official launch of this program is scheduled for the start of 2019. Currently, four French distributors are participating in the launch: Auchan, Boulanger, Carrefour and Fnac Darty, namely that most of the visible products are marketed by Carrefour and Boulanger. Merchants and brands of all sizes will soon be able to participate in the program, if they meet the conditions required by Google in terms of logistics, in particular. To ensure customer satisfaction, Google ensures that its sellers are able to deliver their products on a timely basis.


Explanation Of Google Shopping Actions

Google express mobile application How it works ? On the e-commerce side To sell directly on Google, merchants and brands must have an account in the Google Merchant Center and have uploaded their product catalog there. Within this center, they decide whether or not to include their articles in the Google Shopping Actions program. The Google Merchant Center previously allowed merchants and brands to manage the distribution of their ads – including ads called “shopping ads” – appearing on Google Shopping , as on the main search engine.


The user clicking on these traditional advertisements being directly switched back to the merchant’s site to place an order. Shopping Actions by Google follows a commission-based model, which takes into account the merchant’s product sales on Shopping Actions. As a Shopping Actions merchant, Google sends you a monthly commission invoice. Buyers side Shopping Actions allows online shoppers to view and purchase products from your store or warehouse through Google Express or the Google Assistant. Buyers can browse the products on sale and see the most recent information regarding pricing and availability.


Shopping Actions: The Google Marketplace In Beta Test In France

Once buyers have made their choice and paid for their order, it is shipped. Depending on the geographic location of the merchant and the user, products may arrive same day, next day, or under standard delivery terms. Google shopping stocks What are the advantages for e-merchants? Becoming a Shopping Actions merchant has two main advantages: Promote Customer Loyalty : Let users know that items can be shipped directly from your store or warehouse, for fast delivery. Appear in Google Express, Google Search, and Google Assistant : Show your store information and inventory to users of Google Express, Google Search, and Google Assistant.

Another important point for e-merchants: Google, which seeks to attract as many merchants as possible to its platform, is currently cheaper than Amazon in the USA, except for the computer category (6% commission in both cases ). The giant takes between 1 and 6% less commission than the group of Jeff Bezos. Also note: the largest differences are in the categories of shoes, handbags and sunglasses (6% difference for items worth less than $ 75), jewelry, as well as clothing and accessories. Similar rates should be applied in France. Do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants to learn more about the new Google Shopping Actions feature. We will keep you informed as soon as this purchasing program is officially available in France. Case to be continued!

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