The solution also makes it possible for pages to be found on some google platforms, such as the search and discover story carousel (currently available in the us, india, and brazil).

They basically have the same implementation of amp for advertising and also put a lot of emphasis on better monetization.

Last but not least, it has a visual editor builder as i mentioned before. It means you don’t need to code anything to create your story (10 more points to gryffindor!).

Google advocate john mueller responded to one of these questions on twitter . An seo professional asked if web stories was the new amp.

Mueller answered the following: “ more or less, they are built on top Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List of the amp framework, but they don’t use the “paired” configuration. If you use a tool to generate them, they are just html pages that you can link to from your site naturally .”

so what does this mean? It means that your story is pure html , there is no dependency.

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After all, are web stories the new amp?
Okay, yes. Amp stories is not a bad alternative. Quite the contrary. It offers you a lot of tools to create your stories, monetize and integrate them with your website and other tools. But google web stories offers you all these things and some others that can improve your visibility and without code as i mentioned above.

Also, it will probably be easier to implement google’s other tools (analytics, for example), since it’s the same provider.

If you are using amp stories and have doubts about replacing them with google web stories, i . The that you weigh the pros and cons of the switch (it may not be worth the effort yet). But if you’re just starting out and looking for the best tool, i think it’s pretty clear, right?
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