SEO is a potentially complex field where the rules of the game are not clearly defined by search engines. Indeed, they do not communicate the instructions for use to succeed in positioning themselves without fail. It’s up to webmasters to constantly test to find out how the algorithms respond to Estonia Email List actions. After more than 20 years of Google’s existence, many SEOs have agreed on identified and effective best practices. Adrien , our SEO Market Research expert, is categorical on this point: In the SEO jungle, it’s common to read and hear everything and its opposite.

This leads to multiple SEO errors, either voluntarily (with the intention of doing well), or unintentionally (often for lack of knowledge of the subject). Here is a list of 8 SEO errors that we see quite regularly in our daily SEO consultant. They are linked to poor methodology, or a lack of technical knowledge. Either way, these are major errors that are detrimental to your SEO, and I am giving you some avenues to monitor and correct them. Contents [ display ] 1. Being too focused on Vanity metrics SEO Mistakes – Being Too Much Focused on Vanity Metrics “Great, I have a lot of traffic!”


Don’t Do Keyword Research Regularly

Unfortunately, being well positioned on the search engine results pages doesn’t mean selling. This is the first and most common SEO mistake. Indeed, vanity metrics are the statistics that flatter your ego, or that of your boss. This is fine, but: Is this traffic helping your business performance? Did you generate more revenue, or is your brand awareness better? What’s your conversion rate? My advice : If you are developing SEO for a business, you must have a business purpose. Establish it with the SMART method . 2. Do not use a writing aid tool WordPress plugins like Yoast and Rankmath can help.


But from a semantic point of view, I strongly recommend that you also use a more advanced tool: , YourText.Guru or SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant . With these, you get an optimization score, and you know exactly which words to add to complete your writing. Stuffing your content with keywords no longer works. Google’s algorithm is more and more developed, and in particular via recent updates (Google BERT). The algorithm is constantly evolving with more than 500 updates per year. He understands better and better the context of a request. SEO experts talk about LSI keywords .


The Case Of Urls With Parameters

You must therefore work on everything that surrounds your target keyword, with the associated lexical field. Give Google context to better interpret your content and help it associate it with the keyword you’re targeting. My advice : content is not the only criterion for positioning, but by using a writing aid tool , you are at least sure that you have correctly optimized your text with an indicative score. 3. Don’t audit your popularity SEO Mistake – Not Auditing Your Popularity As I said a moment ago, content isn’t everything. You can have the best content in the world, if Google only ranks popular sites, and yours isn’t, you’re never going to reach the first page of Google.

This is because each keyword leads to different search results. Some keywords that are not very competitive will allow you to rank quickly, even if you are not very popular. Conversely for some much more competitive keywords, Google expects you to offer exceptional content to Internet users, but also that your website has high popularity. Depending on your goals, and your targeted keywords, it may be essential to audit your popularity, and that of your competitors to compare yourself.

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